Friday, May 24, 2013

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour

Clinique has become one of my favorite brands since the beginning of the year and I keep falling more and more in love with this brand with every single product that I buy from them.  I have been using their skincare almost faithfully for the past few months and have been seeing great results from it.  The results that I am seeing from their skincare has only made me want to buy more and more makeup products from this company.  I have been especially interested in their lip products recently, I have used many of their eye makeup products in the past (with the exception of their eye liners) and so I will focus on the few lip products that I have not tried from this company yet.  On my last trip to Sephora, I tried out a new lip formula (at least new to me) and went home with a few new toys to play with in the next few weeks.  I have been all over pink lipsticks this spring and will continue this trend into the summer months so I have been trying to find all kinds of new shades of pinks for the next few months.

I have used the Clinique Different and Butter Shine Lipsticks before and High Impact is one of their newer formulas.  I first received a small palette of this formula in a gift with purchase a bit ago and I was initially impressed with the products however I never ended up buying any more shades of them.  I think that I first tried this formula during my MAC and NARS obsession that began a few years and I was spending more money on these two brands than any others.  I revisited this small palette before my Sephora trip and I was again impressed with this lipstick formula and decided that I needed more from this line.

The Sephora website provides a full description of the formula and the shades contained in it.  "A highly moisturizing lipstick that is high on color and long on comfort.  Smooth, soften, and comfort lips with dressed-up color that wears beautifully for up to eight hours. Along with high-impact color and long-lasting moisture, these beautiful shades also protect from UVA and UVB."

I wasn't aware that their was a SPF in this product until I read this description and that makes more love Clinique even more than I normally do.  This is very creamy lipstick formula and is very close in texture to the Butter Shine formula, these shades are more opaque than the sheers in that formula and have more pigment than every other Clinique lipstick formulas that I have used in the past.  All Clinique lipsticks are extremely hydrating and this one is no exception, this one helps to keep moisture in my lips while providing beautiful color.  The wear is pretty typical of that of a cream formula, I usually wear sheer or matte formulas so I am used to a range of wear times.  This one stays on pretty well through eating and drinking but I find that I would need to reapply after drinking a full cup of coffee, eating a meal, etc. 

The shades of this products are:

- After Party - deep shimmering warm berry
- Cider Berry - warm berry red cream
- Citrus Rose - shimmering cool rose
- Extreme Pink - shimmering cool magenta
- Go Fig - medium shimmering nude
- Nude Beach - medium nude cream
- Peach Pop - medium shimmering warm peach
- Red-y to Wear - medium blue red cream
- Rosette - medium neutral rose cream
- Rose Spectrum - deep rose cream
- Sassy Spice - deep shimmering nude

I bought two shades that would be perfect for the summer months but are still neutral enough for me to wear all year long.  I bought Nude Beach and Rosette, I often pair my natural lip hues with all the bronze eye makeup looks that I have been wearing recently and these are two great new options for me.  I love this lipstick formula for the summer since it has the SPF in and I will still buy more shades in this formula for the fall and winter months.  I am not a fan of the shimmer finishes in this collection so the only other shade that I really want is Red-y to Wear and I will by this one when I go back to wearing red lipstick in the cool weather.

I have found yet another winner from Clinique and I am so excited to add yet another lipstick formula to my collection!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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