Wednesday, May 1, 2013

YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara

I have just completed a good run with MAC's Opulash Mascara and I am now a convert to MAC mascaras.  Not that I really needed yet another mascara line to get hooked on but it is nice to know that I have found yet another type of product that I can count on from MAC and that I have another line of mascaras that I can rely on for great results.  I finished up my tube of Opulash about a week ago and I have turned to a line that has previously given my amazing results with mascara, YSL.  YSL only has one major mascara formulation, Faux Cils, but they have two variations of this formula and I am now using the most dramatic formula of the range.

I used the original Faux Cils mascara last summer for my French Theme Week and I loved the formula very much.  The original formula is one of the best selling and top rated volumizing mascara on the beauty product market and the formula lives up to the hype surrounding it.  It created thick, lush lashes with just one coat and then two coats would take it over the top for getting dressed up.  My only issue with the original formula was that it smeared all over my undereye area when I was removing it at night.  Overall, this is a great formula and issues with the removal didn't bother me very much.

I am now trying the Shocking version of the Faux Cils Mascara line, I received a tube of this product as a large Beauty Insider sample with one of my recent Sephora orders.  I love getting mascaras from these samples because there is enough product for a good month of use and then I can decide if I like it enough to repurchase it or if it is yet another formula that doesn't give me dramatic enough volume.  I really recommend keeping your eyes open for when mascara samples are offered, I will keep my order in my Shopping Cart sometimes until the Beauty Insider samples update with great makeup products...

"A mascara that exaggerates lashes with excess volume from every angle.  Exclusive to YSL, the amplified helix brush provides instant volume to the lashes. The slim brush design allows for perfect control and precision and the off-center twist enhances length and curl. The beautifully creamy formula with pro-vitamin B5 coats each lash evenly, creating a thick and lustrous fringe with a wet look."

This formula is available in the following shades...

- 01 Deep Black - dark inky true black
- 03 Black Bronze - medium warm black
- 04 Sea Black - medium black spiked with navy blue
- 05 Cherry Black - medium black spiked with plum
- 06 Jade Black - medium black spiked with deep green

I used one coat of this mascara to create naturally thick and beautiful lashes for daytime, like the original formula, one coat of this product is enough for the day.  Two coats will be perfect for getting dressed up and going out at night and this is the only time that I have ever needed multiple coats for
effect.  I have only ever had one issue with clumping and this may have been more due to the fact that I was rushing with my application and not due to the formula itself.  This formula wears all day long and stays put until I take it off at night, I have never once had a problem with flaking or smudging when using this formula and I doubt that I ever will.  I wore it out on a long walk the other night after work and even when I was sweating, this formula refused to budge.  The wear of this product is as good as the original and the formula is great.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this product removed somewhat easier than the original, this one still doesn't remove very well and I have noticed that there is still some product left on my lashes even when I use my favorite MAC eye makeup remover. 

So is this product any different from the original formula?  After several days of use, I can safely say that there is little to no difference between these two formulas.  Both formulas give great volume and will make lashes look false with the use of two coats, both give basically the exact same great results.  The formulas can be used interchangeably, if one is sold out then I could easily order another one and not feel disappointed.  To be very honest, there doesn't need to even be two formulas of this mascara since they give almost the exact same results.  I am as happy with this version of the formula as I was with the original and I would never hesitate to re-order these mascaras.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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