Monday, May 27, 2013

Benefit World Famous Neutrals - Sexiest Nudes Ever

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at two of the three new palettes from Benefit in the World Famous Neutrals collection and today we are looking at the last of the three new palettes.  I will be buying at least one or two of them but I wanted to look at all three of them first and then choose one or two of them to purchase.  I think that the Glamorous palette has been my favorite so far and this is the one that I know that I will be buying and I will decide on the Sexiest palette after I look at it on the Sephora website today.  I have quite a collection of neutral eye shadow shades already and I want to add at least one more of these to my line up.

I own very few eye shadows from Benefit and any ones that I own are contained in palettes or sets.  I don't think that I have every purchased a single eye shadow product from this company and I am unsure of what formulas they offer in powder eye shadow formulas.  If I like these palettes then I will need to look at this company's eye makeup products much closer.  I love their mascara formulas and I hope that the rest of their eye makeup products are just as high quality.  Time to add more to my eye makeup collection!

From the Sephora website, "An eye shadow kit featuring the sexiest nudes ever.  These dramatic, daring eyeshadows in award-winning creaseless creams and new longwear powder shadows make sexy totally wearable! The universally flattering shades layer beautifully—and the tips and tricks show you how to create looks for daytime and playtime. "

This palette contains shades in two of the Benefit eye shadow formulas, Longwear Powder Eye Shadow and Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows.  I have heard many awesome reviews of the Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows and these often make the Sephora and Allure Best of Beauty Awards.

Longwear Powder Eye Shadow - A powder eye shadow that lasts.  Finally, powder eye shadow in a fabulous long-wearing formula. This soft and silky shadow comes in 12 wearable shades and three finishes: matte, satin, and sheen. From pale shell to brilliant silver, these Benefit eye shadows have got you covered!  Make it last extra long! Layer long-wear powder shadow over your creaseless cream shadow for extra staying power.
- Milk It! - pearly white
- Pause For Applause - soft lilac
- Blingo! - brilliant silver
- Raincheck? - smoky amethyst

Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow - A long-wear cream eye shadow that won’t crease or smudge.  Benefit’s award-winning cream shadows are as crease-resistant and smudge-proof as ever! The 10 incredibly wearable shades (including original favorites RSVP, Birthday Suit, and Skinny Jeans) glide on easily and last all day. It’s fresh and fabulous color for all!  Make it last even longer! Layer long-wear powder shadow over your creaseless cream shadow for extra staying power.
- Bikini-tini - oyster pink
- Holy Smokes! - smoldering charcoal

I think that I would like to purchase this palette in addition to the Glamorous Nudes palette, this one will be better at creating a deeper toned neutral eye look.  The Glamorous Nudes would be best for the daytime and then I would this one at nighttime, the charcoal shades in this one would look better for dressing up and going out.  I can safely say that I need both of these palettes and would get lots of use from both of them. 

I have really been liking the new series of palettes from Benefit over the past few months and I want to add both of these to my collection.  I would use these shades right now and then all the way into the fall and winter months and I want to see how well these palette pair with the shades that are in my favorite Urban Decay Naked Palettes.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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