Friday, May 31, 2013

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Face Moisturizer

I finally started to settle into my summer skincare regime and have a series of products that work well together and with the self tanner formula that I use and I will continue to keep this same skincare regime until after Labor Day.  My latest addition to my summer skincare regime is one that I would use all year long and might be my new favorite product in my line up.  I have used and loved the Origins GinZing Eye Cream ever since it was first released in early 2010 and I was so excited when I saw a facial moisturizer in this same formula on the Sephora website.  This skin cream formula immediately went onto my Most Wanted list and I waited on their email list until the product was back in stock for me to order.  I ordered it the other week and now I finally have one of my most coveted skincare products in my hands and I have been testing it out for two days now.

So far this year has produced two skincare products that I have instantly wanted, this skin cream and the night cream from Philosophy.  I wanted both of these products for exactly the same reason, I have other products from these companies with very similar formulas and have gotten great results time and time again and I believed that the new products with from these same lines would give me very similar results.  So far...I have not been let down!

The GinZing Eye Cream was my first introduction to the Origins line and it started my relationship with this brand very well.  This is one of the best eye creams that I have ever used, both for the texture and the benefits.  It hydrates and absorbs very quickly while brightening my under eye area and reducing the appearance of my puffy eyes in the morning.  If a single eye cream can do all the above, I can only imagine what a face cream in this line could do...

"A facial cream to instantly hydrate and rev up radiance.  This lightweight, oil-free facial cream is fortified with legendary skin-boosters like panax ginseng and coffee bean to jumpstart hydration levels. Lackluster-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalized to create a healthy, vibrant glow."

This is a gel-cream hybrid product, a texture that is one of my personal favorites because it hydrates very well yet is light enough to sink in quickly and begin working instantly.  I wasn't even aware that the product had this texture until I opened the pot up and started applying it to my face.  I use a nickel-sized drop of product to cover and hydrate my whole face and this is the perfect amount of someone with dry skin, if your skin is normal or oily you could get away with using less of the product.  It sinks in instantly and immediately I can see the increase in the hydration levels of my skin and the texture shows immediate improvement.  This formula is oil-free and I really think that every single skin type would benefit from the use of this product, it hydrates my dry skin but it light enough for anyone to use.  That might be my favorite aspect of the product...

I can see an evident change in my skin from the use of this product, I already discussed the improvement in the overall texture but I also see a different in the clarity and radiance of my skin.  I was happy to see that my cheek redness was reduced and my skin is brighter looking overall, this product makes me look as though I came back from a relaxing vacation and am fully rested (even though the exact opposite is usually true), this is a great cream for someone who has skin that responses negatively to stress.  My skin tends to get dull when I am stressed from work and/or school but this product counteracts all of that.  As much I am reaping the benefits of it now, I am really excited to see how it performs in the winter and early spring, this is time of the year that the weather and school do a number on my face and I have dry skin that often look dull and gray.  I will be buying more of this product at that time to see just how well it performs when my skin is at its worst.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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