Friday, May 3, 2013

Illamasqua Summer 2013 Collection - Paranormal

Last night was my last final of the semester and today I am celebrating the end of the semester by looking at the new summer collection from one of my absolute favorite companies.  I have been hooked on Illamasqua for about two years now and every product that I buy from them makes me love the brand even more, I have never been disappointed by a product from this company and I doubt that I ever will.  The Nail Varnishes are one of my absolute favorites from my product collection, followed very closely by the Lipsticks and the Blushes.  I am very excited to see what new shades have been introduced in these products...and everything else that has come out in the summer collection.

The new collection is called Paranormal and it promises to be one of the most unique collections of the summer.  This company has never produced a dull collection and leads the pack every single season with creativity and trend setting shades.  This is the first collection where Illamasqua has introduced a primer and I am really excited to order this primer, I live for primers and I want to try the newest one from this fabulous product line!

"Illamasqua is opening the doorway to a new dimension. Dare to come in?  Go where you have never been before. Give in as beauty takes control.  It is time to awaken the aura you have repressed for so long, and explore a new universe of unexpected textures and formulas. Embrace the distorted reflection in a cracked mirror; the candle that suddenly extinguishes in a sealed room; a window has opened, allowing you to penetrate the fragile membrane of a twin existence, the paranormal world.  After all, why be normal, when you can be Paranormal?"

Here is the newest from a favorite brand of mine!

Paranormal Palette - This unique water-resistant eye shadow can't quite decide if it's a cream or powder. Instead it combines the best of both worlds, delivering the textured silky appearance of a powder, but with the deep colour wash of a cream.  With a long-lasting hold, each shadow's silky texture allows for effortless application and blending. Choose from Paranormal (vivid cerise), Aura (warm copper), Trance (soft violet) or Possession (cool green).
- Paranormal - vivid cerise
- Aura - warm copper
- Trance - soft violet
- Possession - cool green

Fine Eye Liner Brush with Cover - A fine eye liner brush which is ideal for make-up bags and travel as it is stored in its own detachable handle to protect the brush when stored. Perfect to create a controlled flick eye liner style.

Precision Gel Liner - Soon to be the mainstay in the make-up bags of every beauty enthusiast, Precision Gel Liner recreates the fluidity of a liquid liner in the ease of a gel. Creating a smooth, rich black line from the first application, the long-lasting and water-resistant formula is guaranteed to stay in place all day.  Apply Precision Gel Liner with an Illamasqua Brush and remove using waterproof make-up remover.
- Infinity - deep black cream

Hydra Veil - Create a radiant finish with Hydra Veil's instantly rehydrating, gel formula. Providing the optimal base for your make-up, apply before foundation with an Illamasqua Brush.

Lipstick - Let your lips speak volumes. Indulge in colour-intense lipstick with a highly pigmented formula, available in a choice of flawless finishes, from creamy matt to iridescent finishes. Illamasqua Lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn't give up without a fight for the perfect all-night pout. A must have for professional make-up artists, and those who want to make a statement.
- ESP - vivid violet, matte finish
- Posture - cool mauve, matte finish

Gleam - Back by popular demand, and with a new and improved formula, Gleam's lightweight, iridescent finish sensuously highlights the natural beauty of your face and body.  A solid, cream compact, containing lustrous pearlescent pigments. Smooth Supernatural (warm bronze iridescent) over skin with fingers or a brush for an alluring glow that lifts and highlights wherever it's applied. This is light-reflecting beauty.
- Supernatural - warm bronze

UV Glow Nail Varnish - Take your nails into the next dimensions with limited edition UV Nail Varnish from the Paranormal collection. Alone, each shade delivers bold, high-impact colour with a distinctive shimmer finish. But when worn under UV light they take on a life of their own, emitting a standout glow that cannot be ignored.
- Seance - paranormal bright violet
- Ouija - paranormal bright pink
- Omen - paranormal bright green

UV Glow Paranormal Top Coat - Take your nails into the next dimensions with limited edition UV Nail Varnish form the Paranormal collection. Alone, each shade delivers bold, high-impact colour with a distinctive shimmer finish. But when worn under UV light they take on a life of their own, emitting a standout glow that cannot be ignored.  Apply clear Paranormal Top Coat in Geist over any nail varnish to created a glowing finish.

This isn't my favorite Illamasqua collection, I only like a couple of the products in this collection and there are only two items that I really must have.  The first item is the Hydra Veil, the new primer from this line.  The gel formula sounds as though it will be light enough to use in the warm weather months but will also be hydrating enough to use in the fall and winter.  The description of this product reminds of the formula of my beloved MAC Prep and Prime and I want to order this product as soon as I see it on the Sephora website. 

The seond item that I must have from this collection is the black cream eye liner, I already own one that I love from Smashbox but it wouldn't kill me to branch out and try other formulas.  My pot of Smashbox liner is getting old so i will need to start thinking about replacing it in a few months and I want to try some other brands when I buy new liners.  I get great results from all kinds of cream eye liners and I want to branch out and try more formulas. 

I am only considering one other item from this collection, the UV Glow Nail Varnish Top Coat.  This product will turn any polish into the UV finish and will be a better purchase for me rather than buying the UV Nail Varnishes themselves.  I doubt that I would use these polishes very often and the top coat would be the best bet for me.  I already own bright pinks and purples from Illamasqua and this top coat would turn them into shades very similar to the pink and purple offered in the UV range.  I don't like the green shade and would never wear it so i will be completely skipping over the UV Nail Varnish range.

I really dislike most of the rest of this collection, the palette is much to dramatic for me to ever pull off so I will be skipping over it.  This product promises to be a best seller, it is sold out already on the Illamasqua website and the Sephora website also.  I can see this being a top choice for someone who loves bright eye makeup shades but they are not my style.  Neither Lipstick shade will work for me, this company's Lipsticks are very dramatic and pigmented and therefore I never buy any shade that I am not totally sure that I would love.  So both of these are out.

This might be one of my least favorite Illamasqua collections, I would hoping for a few neutral hues to mix with the brights.  I could only pull off small pieces of this collection and will only pick up a few items from it.

photo courtesy of Illamasqua

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