Monday, May 20, 2013

Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless 12-Hour Smoothing Eye Primer

The hot weather months are basically upon us and this is the time of the year that I am most obsessed with primers and making sure that my makeup stays in place all day long.  I have been using my newest tube of MAC Prep + Prime for the past few weeks and I now remember what I love that product so much, the face version of this product is great but the eye version is the worse primer that I have ever used and would never recommend to anyone.  So when I was getting low on my last tube of Smashbox Lid Primer, I skipped over all the MAC eye primers and decided to try for a company that I have never owned a primer from before.  I have been on a Tarte kick recently and I had no idea if they had an eye primer or not, I looked up the brand on the Sephora website and was excited to see one primer formula from this company and I ordered it right away.

I don't ever remember seeing this product in a magazine or at Sephora so I had very little basis for my decision to order this product, I ordered it only because I have gotten some great items from Tarte over the past year and would be more than happy to add another great product to my line up.  My favorite eye shadow primers are still Urban Decay Primer Potion and NARS Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base, I do not expect any eye shadow primer to spoil my love of either of these products and they are the top performers among every primer that I have ever used.  After using this product for several days, I can say that it is a nice eye shadow primer but it is not one of the best at Sephora nor is is going to be one of my favorite Tarte products.

The Sephora website provides full product information and a description.  "A waterproof 12-hour smoothing eye shadow primer that locks eye shadow in place.  This primer acts as a smudge-proof base for shadow while preventing fallout and migration of color. The universal shade glides on easily and powers through the day into the evening for 12 hours of perfect wear."  This product is made to be used on clean, dry eye lids before the use of any other eye makeup products.

This is not an eye shadow primer for anyone who wears a lot of eye makeup or shadows that tend to have fall out issues.  I have several beloved eye shadow shades that I have experienced major fall out from and only the two eye shadow primers that I have listed earlier in this post are able to keep every shadow that I own on my eye lids and not my cheeks.  For that reason alone, I would not be likely to repurchase this product after my tube is finished.  The product is a much thinner texture than the previous two eye shadow primers and remind me very much of the Too Faced eye shadow primer (and I have very similar thoughts on that primer).  I squeeze out a small drop of this product and this is enough for both eye lids, I dab the product on each eye lid and that have to wait a few moments for the product to dry.  Waiting for the product to dry is a huge aspect to the successful use of this primer, I didn't wait for it to dry the first few times that I used it and my eye makeup smudged and would not stay in place at all.  After I learned that this product needs a few extra moments to dry, I was able to get much better results from this product.

This formula is able to hold most of my eye shadows in place, it works well with every matte, satin, and shimmer formula I have but it does not hold a strong glitter shadow in place.  If you don't use any shadow like this, than you will love this formula and have no problems with it, it just wasn't enough to hold some of my favorite eye shadows.  It works well with about 95% of my eye shadows but not well enough with my favorites so I would need to own both this formula and either NARS or Urban Decay's to make all my eye makeup work.  This formula is best used with a more classic or natural eye makeup look.  In addition, I have used this product by itself on my lids when I have been interested in a very natural look on the weekends and I do like the finish that I get when using it in this fashion.

This is good eye shadow primer, it is not among the best on the market and it is also not among the best products that Tarte offers.  I would recommend this primer only to those who don't wear any eye makeup that has major glitter (and fall out potential) in it and I am confident that they would be happy with the results that they receive from it.  Good formula but not the best on the market...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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