Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bath and Body Works Fall Traditions Body Products

Bath and Body Works has finally released their long-awaited Fall Traditions body care collection.  I have been seeing people discussing this line on the Makeup Alley boards since the middle of summer, right after the company confirmed that they would release Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in the body care line for the fall season.  I personally am not a pumpkin person but it seems like a lot of people are because the excitement for this collection has been growing for the past month or two.  I can understand the love and hype for fall products so while smelling like a pumpkin isn't for me, I can understand how people can get so excited about this.

Even though I'm not a pumpkin person, this collection has me very interested.  For the first time, the fall body product collection contains four fragrance; one spicy, one vanilla, and two traditional fall fruit scents.  This is the time oft he year that I start getting out my fall fragrances so I know that I will be picking up something from this collection to use this fall.  Personally, I have my eye on the vanilla and apple fragrances, I want something that will replace the discontinued Vanilla Noir scent and I am hoping that the Cozy Autumn Vanilla is close to this scent. 

The first of the fragrances in this line and the one that I know will sell out the fastest is the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  This fragrance was first released when I was in college and I remember that I purchased it way back when.  I was in love with it for about two months and then I got so sick of it that I never used it again.  This fragrance is a "cozy blend of fresh pumpkin, crisp apple, and spiced vanilla."  The top notes are: pumpkin, fresh crisp apple.  The heart of the fragrance is: fresh ginger, fruit jasmine, cinnamon spice, touch of gingerbread.  The base notes are: amber, soft musk, hint of rum, creamy vanilla,  touch of sandalwood.  This fragrance is one of those that smells really different in each form.  The shower gel and body mist smelled more like apple cinnamon with a slight hint of pumpkin while the body lotion is all spice and pumpkin.  I like this fragrance but I remember how easily I got sick of several years ago and how I ended up giving away all my bottles of it so I bet that I will skip over this one since I am willing to bet that the same thing would happen again this time.

The second of the fragrances is the traditional fall-type of apple scent.  I love apple scents more than any others in the fal so this one was also one that I was very interested in.  Warm Harvest Apple is the name of this fragrance and is described as "a crisp blend of juicy apple, pink pear, and fresh sugarcane".  This one is closer to a true apple scent than a spicy apple cider type of fragrance.  Top notes: McIntosh apple, pink pear, lemon sugar.  The middle notes: green candied apple, fresh sugarcane.  The bottom notes are: vanilla bean, white woods, musk.  I smelled this fragrance and I have decided that is a bit more crisp than the old Country Apple scent and reminds me more of an old Philosophy fragrance that I used to love.  I haven't bought any products from this fragrance yet but I am interested in picking up a few pieces of it.

The third of the fall fragrance is the second of the two fruits and the one that I dislike the most.  Berry scents are not my cup of tea and I only really like berry notes when they are mixed with several other types of notes (Dark Kiss and Secret Wonderland are great examples of this type of mix).  So right off the bat I know that this a fragrance that I will be skipping over.  The Bath and Body Works website describes it as "a rich blend of juicy berries, red pomegranate, and luscious plum", this one may have some fo the same notes as Dark Kiss but it is nothing like it in real life.  The top notes of the fragrance are: sparkling pomegranate, Mirabelle plum.  The heart notes are: sugared rose.  The base notes are: vanilla extract, sensual mahogany, and dark rum.  This one is a generic berry scent and is the lightest of the group.  If you like berry scents and I know that there are many of you that, then you will love this fragrance but I will be skipping over it for the others.

The last fragrance is the one that I was most interested in from the first time that I heard about this line, the Cozy Autumn Vanilla.  I was hoping for a scent more like their recently discontinued Vanilla Noir but this scent is a bit lighter than that and is closer to the old Fresh Vanilla that was out when I was in college.  That being said, it is still my favorite of the group and the one that I indulged in first.  This is described as "a warm blend of fresh vanilla beans, soft caramel, and comforting creamy musk."  The top notes of the fragrance are: fresh vanilla beans, soft caramel.  The middles notes are: white orchid, sugared mimosa, hints of sesame.  The base notes are: warm vanilla milk, coconut musk, sandalwood, praline.  This is a very light vanilla on the skin and the vanilla, praline, and caramel are the notes that are the easiest to detect.  I have already bought this one in the shower gel and the body lotion and plan to purchase it in the body scrub and body cream to round out my collection.

These products are all limited edition and are available in the typical Bath and Body Works Signature Collection forms: the Body Mist, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Cream, and Sugarcharged Body Scrub.  Their are matching lip glosses that are available to these scents, however it is not available in the applefor some reason.  I am most excited about the scrubs in this line since they appear to be the same formula as the ones from the Island Escape collection that I loved at the beginning of this year.  I can only hope that Bath and Body Works continues to bring them out in more new fragrances because they are a great product.  This is one of the few scrubs that can foam up and rinses clean while still providing a great exfoliation. 

I still have to buy the Cozy Autumn in the Body Cream and Scrub, I will be using this scent all through the fall and into the winter.  This is the time of the year for warm, cozy scents and this is a great example of one.  Depending how long this collection sticks around in stores, I would like the get the same products in the apple scent, it sounds lovely and is another good one for the fall season. 

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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