Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tarte True Blood Palette - Not Your Average Waitress

Not Your Average Waitress was my least favorite of the four looks.  This is the look that I had the hardest time with the first time that I tried it out and is the only look that I really had to rework the second time around since I found it unwearable the first time.  First of all, all of the shades in this look are mattes and I as stated in the last post, the matte shadows in this palette were the worst in both texture and pigmentation.  The first time that I did this look, I reproduced it exactly from the instructions and it just looked awful on me, I worked to soften it but it still didn't help at all.  So fiorst we will go in the instructions for the look and then I will go into how I had to change this look up to make it for out for me.

- Sweep a soft wash of Dusk (matte warm taupe) all over the entire lid.
- Apply Waitress (sparkling pink champagne) in the crease blending upward toward the brow bone.
- Create a wash of smoldering color all around the eye by blending Werewolf (matte chocolate) in to the outer crease and over lashline.
- Thickly line eyes with Tarte for True Blood EmphasEyes Aqua-Gel Eyeliner in Black, sweeping up and out at the corners.

So here were my big issues.  I just couldn't get the eye liner to create the matching outer corner sweep on each eye, one had more on than the other and each time that I tried to fix it by adding a bit more to the other side, it just got even worse.  The matte shades had much less pigmentation than the shimmers and therefore made the eyeliner look even more black and unblended.  The matte shades were harder to work with and the more that I tried to blend, it just got worse.  I tried to soften this look by taking Werewolf and using the NARS 15 Smudge Brush to cover the line and try to blend it in.  This helped a bit but still didn't make the look much more wearable.
The second time that I did this look I changed the eyeliner shade.  The black eyeliner was what I hated the most about this look so instead of blck, I tried it with dark brown instead.  I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner that was included in the Naked palette, Whiskey.  This change lightened the look up a bit and it made it better but I still dislike it the most of all the looks.  The mattes just don't have the same quality that the other textures did and that pretty much ruined the whole look.

photo courtesy of Tarte

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