Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Lip Gloss Set

I waxed poetic about the new Paris Amour scent from Bath and Body Works last month and now there has been a late addition to the fragrance collection.  For the past few new fragrances, Bath and Body Works has released a new, limited edition lip gloss with the same name as the scent that picks up some of the fragrance notes.  I own the Dark Kiss and the Secret Wonderland glosses from last year but I had skipped out on the spring releases this year since none of the shades really appealed to me.  However the gloss that came out with the release of Paris Amour more than made up for the other shades that didn't work for me.  The single gloss was the main release when the collection first launched however several weeks later, I found another little gem on the Bath and Body Works website - a whole set of mini lip glosses that are based on Parisian desserts.  I bought this set within the next week...

Five small lip glosses are contained in this one set and I can honestly say that I really like every single one of them.  "Five French dessert-inspired lip glosses are the ultimate sweet treat for your lips.  These decadent and rich glosses glide on effortlessly, while the moisturizing formula delivers the perfect combination of high shine and sheer sparkle.  Pucker up and enjoy your favorite treat, without the guilt!"  Four of the five glosses are clear with a sheer shimmer and the other gloss has a rose pink tint with a sheer sparkle. 

The four clear glosses are the Rich Toffee Truffle, Wicked Creme Brulee, Sinful Apple Crepe, and Guilty Peach Tart.  The Rich Toffee Truffle is clear with a bit of a gold sparkle and smells strongly of toffee.  Wicked Creme Brulee has a bit of a silver and sheer lilac sparkle and reminds me of the old Tutti Dolci Creme Brulee lip gloss expect that the scent is a bit lighter.  Sinful Apple Crepe is a very light pink shade that comes out completely clear on the lip with a cool toned shimmer.  It is exactly the same scent as the Tutti Dolci Apple Torta gloss.  Guilty Peach Tart is a bit warmer than the other shades and just has a hint of warm peach shimmer with a strong peach jam fragrance.  Of this group, my favorites are the Rich Toffee Truffle (for the fragrance mostly) and the Wicked Creme Brulee (for the cool shade and shimmer).  I like the other two shades however the Sinful Apple Crepe is so sweet that it can get sickening after a few hours so I tend to use this one the least of the group.  The Guilty Peach Tart is a nice gloss too but I don't like peach fragrances as much I like others so this can get sickening for me too.

The most tinted of the lip glosses is the Paris Amour lip gloss itself.  This gloss appears bright pink in the tube but applies to be a sheer rose with a silver shimmer.  This is my favorite gloss in the set and looks the best when applied.  As I stated above, this gloss is available by itself in the full size and I was initially tempted by it but I did skip over it because I have so many lip glosses at this point, most of which are half used and are showing no signs of getting used up any time soon.  I was so happy when I saw this gloss in the set since I love small lip glosses to put in clutches.  I was considering purchasing the full size gloss in addition to this set since I love this shade however I don't need anhy more gloss and am going to skip over it. 

I love this little set and I hope that we see more lip gloss sets from Bath and Body Works this holiday season.  I was really hoping that some version of the Halloween lip glosses would have been offered in a set like this since small lip glosses are the best for me to buy since I never use up full sized glosses and buy way too many to begin with.  This is such a good gift too, I have already purchased a few of them to set aside for Christmas for a few of my friends. 

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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