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Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection - Mirror Mirror

There are very few companies that can hold a candle to Guerlain in the lipstick market.  As we all learned this summer, Guerlain actually created lipstick as we know it today back in the 1800s.  all those years of practice have lead to a series of stellar lip products and we are seeing one of the best in the fall collection.  Along with top quality lipsticks, Guerlain also has a series of wonderful eye makeup products.  For fall, Guerlain is giving us a small collection that consists only of lip and eye makeup products.  A bit sad, since their blushes and face products also have obtained cult status however no one can ever go wrong with any type of Guerlain product.

This collection is named Mirror Mirror and I have found a description of it on the Nordstrom website.  "It's easy to become a legend with a luminous complexion, intense eyes, and unforgettable lips.  Discover the fall collection and become a classic beauty.  This fall, invent your own fashion!"  Since I can't find anything about this collection on the Guerlain website, I have turned to the Nordstrom website to find all the colors and descriptions that I need (I also checked out the Temptalia Beauty Blog to ensure that my shade information is correct so I musst give her credit too).  I can't understand why this isn't on their website, this is a lovely collection and no other company can describe products in the same romantic style that Guerlain does.  Oh well...

Let's check this little collection out...

Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette - The essence of color: one palette, four shades.  Create, have fun and dare to wear color as an accessory.  These palettes were specifically designed to be used together and can be mixed, matched, and blended with no fear of mistakes.  Application is extremely simple, intuitive, fun - and risk-free!  Choose your range: each palette offers iridescent, matte, satin, and metallic shadows.
- Les Violets 01 - shades of lilacs and plum
- Les Bleus 02 - shades of bright and deep blues
- Les Verts 03 - shades of olives and browns
- Les Bois de Rose 04 - shades of warm roses and browns
- Les Gris 05 - shades of grays and charcoals
- Les Fumes 06 - shades of cool medium and deep browns 
- Les Cuirs 07 - shades of golds and bronzes
- Les Perles 08 - shades of whites, pinks, and pale grays
- Les Noirs 09 - shades of blacks and cool pink

Rouge G by Guerlain Lipcolor - A jewel lipstick compact with a white gold shimmer designed by Lorenz Baumer, a young and talented jeweler in the Palace Vendome.  A horizontal design with feminine curves that houses a secret: a mirror automatically appears when the compact is opened.  The lipstick has a purely elegant, contemporary design and closes magnetically.  This exceptional object boasts a comprehensive, premium formula containing a star ingredient: ruby powder, which acts as an optical whitener to bring out the color and shine of the shades.  The blend of natural active ingredients (Tiger Grass, wild mango butter, Gugul resin used in Ayurvedic medicine) completes the formula to plump up, smooth, and bring moisture and softeness to your lips.
- Garconne 25 - bright true blue red
- Gigolo 70 - deep rich cool berry
- Girly 71 - warm brick red

Eye Pencil - Glide-on eye color that stays put!  Formulated with unusually high pigment content and a creamy gel, these cushiony, silky eye pencils take on unrivaled intensity and depth, and can withstand wind and tide - including extremely hot, humid climates!
- Kohl Me Navy (20) - deep blackened navy cream
- Kohl Me Ebony (30) - deep dark black cream
- Kohl Me Jungle (40) - deep blackened forest green cream

Liquid Eye Liner - Guerlain Liquid Eye Liner has been designed like a calligraphy tool for precision and simplicity of use, with an ultrafine brush, long handle, and impeccable line.  From the thinnest to the heaviest contour, it provides flawless application.
- Brun Cendre (05) - deep black brown

I love these lipsticks and the eye shadow palettes!  My favorite piece of the collection is the cool red shade of the Rouge G de Guerlain, the packaging enough on this product is more than enough to make me fall madly in love with it but the lovely shades and amazing formula take this lipstick well over the top.  I have always been a sucker for elegant packaging and this lipstick is among the best that I have ever seen, I now want it in every single shade that I like and can see this becoming quite dangerous to my Visa. 

The other aspect of this collection that I am most excited about are the eye shadow palettes.  If I had to choose, my favorite shade is the Les Noirs 09, I love the variety of the blacks and the pale pink highlighter to create a slightly different version of a smoky eye.  My second favorite of the shades is the palette of purples, Les Violets 01.  This is another palette that I would use at night and I can use it to create the plum smoky eye that I have been interested in trying since I saw something like it last spring in an issue of Allure.  Les Verts 03 and Les Cuirs 07 contain warmer shadow shades and would work well for a daytime eye. 

The fall collection from Guerlain is lovely and very wearable for almost anyone.  I am hearing hints about the holiday collection and I am adding a side trip to the Guerlain counter at Saks next time that I get into New York City.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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