Saturday, September 10, 2011

Entre Derm Face Cleanser

I am onto my fourth product in the Entre Derm system (from the product kit that was sent to me from a PR company).  So far, I have mostly been trying the moisturizers and treatment products that make contain the Somazome technology that has been patented by this company.  As we all know, face washes normally do not contain any type of anti-aging property and even if they did, this is not an effective way to get it through the skin since the cleanser is washed off the skin.  Cleansers are a better way to set up the treatment products to work well instead of working on the problem themselves.

This cleanser works to effectively clean off the skin in order for the treatment products to penetrate deeper and work more effectively.  In this case, it allows the products with Somazone technology to penetrate all the way into the skin and deliver the collagen and elastin deep into the skin.  If this skin isn't fully cleaned off, then the technology will have barriers to fully pentrate and will be less effective. 

"This skin is exposed to a variety of pollutants throughout the day and the first step in improving skin appearance is to remove impurities.  Entre Derm Facial Cleanser provides a great way to remove oil, makeup, and dirt; leaving your skin feeling clean and furthering the effectiveness of Entre Derm Day and Night Creams containing Somazone." 

This is a cream cleanser so it very appropriate for use before an anti-aging regime.  I use two pumps of it to cover my whole face with product, it foams up just a slight bit and still rinses completely clean.  This one works well to get off normal makeup, I do not use it to remove eye makeup (still use a separate product for this one), it is not strong enough to fully clean off any kind of long-wearing makeup or makeup primer.  It cleans off the daily oil and debris from my face and leaves it soft, not tight or dry feeling.  This will be a good cleanser for me to use in the winter time.

I was a bit afraid that this product would irritate my skin for the simple fact that it contains a large amount of added fragrance.  It has a very floral fragrance which doesn't bother me but if you are sensitive to florals or just simply dislike them, the scent is strong enough to turn you off of this product.  I don't mind the fragrance but I don't really like a face product with this strong of an added fragrance, there is no point to adding this fragrance and it will only take away from the product instead of adding to the appeal. 

This functions as a typical cream cleanser, best for drier skin.  The only aspect that makes it unique is the added fragrance, I have never seen another face cleaner that has this type of fragrance.  I have always preferred that my skin care products have little to no fragrance and certainly not one that is added, I prefer a natural fragrance (Korres Wild Rose line comes right to my mind).  This is nice cleanser and does exactly what it says that it will but really any creamy cleanser would work exactly the same as this one.

photo courtesy of Entre Derm

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