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Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 Collection - Jacquard

It may be hard to believe but after looking at fall collections for the past three months, this is my last fall collection.  If a company doesn't have it out by now then they are missing the boat since Urban Decay has just began to bring their holiday collections out and I am pretty much wrapping up buying fall shades and am looking forward to the holidays.  The last collection of this season is the Giorgio Armani beauty collection, a line that I never really get to see very much up in my area.  Hopefully I will be getting into New York City within the next few weeks to see some of these products for myself.

The newest collection is named Jacquard and this collection looks as though it will contain both dramatic eye and lip shades.  Many of the fall collections have been so eye makeup based that I really love seeing some lovely lip shades.  This collection is even better than many of the others in that it actually contains a face highlighter and new blush shades, two items that I feel like we haven't been seeing enough of this fall.  I am most interested in the blush shades in this line since I haven't bought any new blushes since the middle of summer but I am also really interested in the new lip shades in this collection.  Lipstick and blush are at the top of my current shopping obsessions and I have finally found a collection that will cater to both of these.
I found a description of the collection from the Nordstrom website, however the rest of the product descriptions are from the Armani Beauty website.  "Sophisticated Jacquard motifs woven into silk fabric are the inspiration for Giorgio Armani's Fall Collection 2011.  Colour, radiance, and sensuality are combined into gossamer textures.  Silky glints on a floating haze of colour."  This makeup look was seen on the Armani fall runway models and is the epitome of the best trends of the season.
Here is the new collection...

Jacquard Eye Palette - Includes a central eye shadow duo, a highlighter, and a deeper shade for emphasis.  Eye shadows are created with unprecedented color technology.  This fine film of vibrant eye color blends to produce incandescent color without creasing or fading.  The secret lies in a unique micronisation process applied to the pigments.  Color-Fil technology provides a radiant film of vibrant colour, a soft and smooth long lasting texture, so light that colours can be blended and layered with total freedom.  Pure colour, sheer perfection.  To create the Fall Look: The colours can be combined or blended at will for a restrained makeup for the day or more sophisticated and dramatic look for the evening.  For greater intensity they can be applied with a damp brush.
- Green Eye Palette - pale green/deep charcoal/forest green/beige
- Gray Eye Palette - pale white/mid tone gray/taupe/burgundy

Jacquard Face Palette - Two sculpting tones, an illuminator, and a translucent red blush.  The palette includes four shades that allow for a myriad of makeup options, to suit all complexions tones.  The secret to an instant glow: blend the three nude shades and apply to the whole face, highlighting the cheek bones with a touch of blush.  The blend of these four shades on the face results in a fresh complexion with a slight rosy tint.  The powders achieve maximum radiance through Micro-Fil technology.  Translucent, as fine as can be, the powders blend together perfectly, melting into the skin with no trace of artifically.  A glowing veil of silk that looks utterly natural.

Eyes To Kill Excess - Now available in a limited edition deep violet shade.  Eyes To Kill Excess full volume mascara thickens and separates the lashes with a striking. long lasting, black wet finish.  This clearly defined, denser lash fringe is the best weapon for daring volumizing lashes.  Oversized Brush: a unique formula with an oversized patent lash brush.  This unique high precision, supple brush weave design coats and texturizes each lash in fewer strokes.  Science Smart: The fusion of Wax Complex and the new texturizing agents create a fluid, creamy texture that glides onto the lashes for easy application.  Wax Complex contains a blend of hard and soft waxes to optimize the lashes with instanteous full volume.  From the root to tip, coating and grooming lash by lash, leaving them thicken yet flexible.
- 2 Night Violet - deep violet

Rouge d'Armani - New limited edition Rouge d'Armani is now available in Autumn colors.  Colour code: glowing nudes (beige, rose beige, or pink heightened with a touch of mauve to brighten the lips) providing a fiery contrast with the classic Scarlatto.  Rouge d'Armani's patented Color Fil technology creates a exceptional long wear formula that leaves lips feeling continously hydrated while delivering up to 8 hours of transparent, shine color without feathering or fading.
- 107 Sheer Beige - neutral beige
- 108 Pink Beige - rose beige
- 406 Scarlatto - deep blue red
- 525 Sheer Mauve - sheer medium mauve

Blushing Fabric - Crafted as a micro-blend of pure water-soluble pigments and lacquers, this cushiony formula delivers buildable color for cheek and face that is both imperceptible and long-lasting.  Artist Tip: Squeeze a small amount on the back of your hand and apply with fingertips to the apple of your cheeks.  Buff to perfection with the Blush Brush.  Blend to desired result using your middle and pointer fingers.  This season's collection unveils two versions: Camel and Scarlatto.
- 6 Camel - neutral beige
- 7 Scarlatto - brick red

Scarlatto is one of the best red lipstick shades that I have ever seen and this is an instant must-purchase for me.  I even love the name of it and I can't live without this shade, this might be one of my single favorite products that was released this season.  In addition to that piece being utterly spectacular, this collection is lovely and is one of my five favorite collections of the season.  I think the lipsticks are my favorite part of this collection, I love the Pink Beige shade and I know that I will get a lot of wear from it since it would work for a professional day look or against a strong eye look. 

As much I grumbled about all the eye makeup-based collections that came out over the past few months, I will admit that I love both of these eye palettes, the Green Eye Palette is my favorite but I like the Gray version also.  I am not interested in the violet mascara shade but I would love to try this mascara in the black shade.  Last but not lease, I am a bit disappointed in the blush shades, I don't really like either of them and could easily skip over both of them.  I find the highlighter to be very attractive and I am interested in trying some version of a highlighting product before my skin get gross and gray during the winter.

This is end of the fall beauty collections and we have seen some great collections this season.  Stand outs are Giorgio Armani, YSL, and Lancome.  And what do they all have in common?  Products for both strong lips and eyes!  Hopefully this holiday season will produce some more great red lip shades and I am also hoping for some great palettes both to keep and give as gifts.  I'm like a little kid, I still get excited for the holidays and the hope and promise of the season!

photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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