Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tarte EmphasEyes Aqua-Gel Eye Liner

As you guys all know, I have been working with the Tarte True Blood palette that I ordered several weeks ago from the Sephora website.  I am almost through the palette and the provided looks in it and have begun to decide what my favorite products and shades are.  One of my early favorites from this palette is the eye liner that was included in it to finish off the eye makeup looks.  This is the first eye liner that I have ever used from Tarte so I wasn't all that sture what to expect, but the EmphasEyes Aqua-Gel Eye Liner didn't disappoint me and now I want to try it out in some other shades. 

I am providing a product description from the Tarte website.  I was going to wait to review this product until I did the full write-up on the palette but I loved this eye liner so much that I felt that it deserved its own post.  "This revoluntionary EmphasEyes Aqua-Gel Eye Liner captures the high pigment concentration and staying power of a gel pot in an effortless pencil, no brush required.  Even more unique is the proprietary formula which encapsulates rich mineral pigments in a 50% water concentration.  By a process of hydrous pigmentation, cooling and refreshing oure water absorbs into skin to hydrate and replenish the delicate eye area, leaving behind an intense, long-wearing and pigment-rich color.  Fortified with vitamin E, cucumber, and aloe; this soothing aqua-gel eye liner maintains moisture balance in the skin while treating with healing free radical fighters."

This eye liner contains several ingredients that add to its unique texture and formulation.  Aloe Leaf Extract is a widely-known plant extract with soothing, healing, and antiseptic properties that helps maintain moisture balance in the skin.  Cucumber extract is rich in vitamins A and C and helps to soothe the skin.  Mineral pigments contains the color and dyes that are derived from natural minerals and have been known to soothe and soften the skin.  Vitamin E is a natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient and protects against free radical damage.  Pure water delivers and retains moisture.

I actually expected this product to be more of a kohl type pencil being that some of the looks in the kit require a decent amount of smudging to get the look right.  And we all know that gels are better to create a more dramatic, defined line.  So I was a bit wary about how this product would perform both on its own and with the provided look instructions.  Turns out, I didn't need to worry since it was a great product in both case.  This product is very easy to work with and lays down an even line on the first try.  The product actually feels wet and cooling when it goes on and then the feeling subsides very quickly, so I am taking that to be a "dry-down" that occurs as this product sets.  Once the product sets, it doesn't more or blend so it works more like a liquid liner in that respect.  If you want to soften this line, you must do it with a matching shadow since it will not budge after application.

I have this product in the black shade but I found that several other colors are offered also. 

- Black - pure deep inky black
- Brown - medium brown cream
- Navy - medium navy blue
- Charcoal - medium gray cream
- Plum - medium plum cream
- Forest - medium khaki green
- Teal - bright blue teal
- Bronze - medium bronze brown

I love the Black shade, it is the ultimate in deep, dark black, which is the exact shade that I use when creating cat eyes.  I would use this product more for creating that bold line instead of a look that calls for a smudged liner.  It can be used for a smoky look, but I prefer a MAC Eye Kohl for this since I feel this product is better for creating the bold, graphic line that is needed for heavy eye liner looks.  I would highly recommend this eye liner for someone who doesn't create this type of look very often and isn't yet comfortable working with a traditional liquid liner.  I want the Charcoal shade in this product also in order to create a graphic gray eye look. 

This eye liner wears for quite a long time, either by itself or with eye shadow on top of it.  This is best used in a smoky eye as a base for a deep eye shadow.  Once this product sets, then it will stay on all day and keep your shadow in place for the same amount of time.  I did use this product with a MAC eye primer underneath so I am sure that the primer helped to hold the pigment in place.  This liner is that can be worked with on the waterline though it is not water-proof and did not stay in place as long.  My eyes were bothering me one day when I did a True Blood look and with one swipe of my finger to dab the water, I smudged the liner and ruined the whole look.  This product could be improved in that area and some type of water-resistant ingredients added into the formula.  I needed a full eye makeup remover to get this product off and I am confident that it wouldn't come off without the use of remover.

This is a great eye liner however I find it best used for a graphic cat eye instead of a look that requires a decent amount of smudging to pull it off.  This liner is easier to work with than a traditional liquid and it will a good choice for someone who doesn't enjoy working with a liquid.  This liner was a great addition to the palette since it can be used to create a bold line or be used as a base for shadow.

photo courtesy of Tarte

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