Wednesday, September 7, 2011

China Glaze Fall 2011 Collection - Metro Collection

China Glaze is my current brand obsession, I bought my first few bottles of this polish a few weeks ago and have been ordering more bottles ever since.  Since they are my latest nail polish obsession, I decided to add them into my fall collection coverage and to look at even more of their shades.  Metro is their newest collection and I have been seeing hints of it on blogs for the past few weeks however the company has finally just put it up on their website within the past few days.  This line consists of twelve new shades, some are jewel tones and others are more neutral however all of them are medium to dark toned.  All the shades are right on trend for the season and I predict they will sell out very quickly when they get on the shelves of Ulta. 
All of these shades appear richly pigmented and will work equally well for a manicture or for an early fall pedicure.  With colors this deep and dramatic, I will be keeping my nails short and somewhere square as I feel this is how these shades are the most flattering.  This collection looks very much like the Essie collection that we saw several days ago and the O.P.I. for Sephora collection; jewel tones are all the rage for nails this season and that is pretty much all that we have been seeing over the past few weeks. 

Here are the new China Glaze shades...

- Urban-Night - deep dark eggplant cream
- Traffic Jam - medium berry cream
- City Siren - deep red cream (pictured)
- Loft-y Ambitions - deep burgundy with silver shimmer
- Brownstone - warm brown red cream
- Midtown Magic - deep chocolate brown with gold shimmer
- Street Chic - medium brown with a cool gray cast
- Concrete Catwalk - dark gray cream
- Westside Warrior - deep olive green cream
- Trendsetter - medium mustard with gold shimmer
- Skyscraper - deep navy with silver glitter
- CG in the City - medium plum glitter

In the first round of looking at shades, I know that I can skip over the warmer of the shades: Brownstone and Trendsetter.  Neither of them will be flattering to my skintone.  Street Chic is brown but it appears to be more of a cool tone, I will most likely skip it because I don't really like browns in general.  The same with Westwide Warrior, I am just not into the camoflage colors in nail polish that has been cropping up the past few months.  The major stand outs from this collection for me are the reds, burgundys, and the blues (of course).  My favorite shade is Skyscraper, a deep navy with glitter never fails to capture my heart in an instant.  My other choices are City Siren and Loft-y Ambitions (I have ambitions to own a loft in the city - Loft-y Ambitions!  Haha I just love that name!).  Concrete Catwalk is a shade that I would get a lot of use from this fall so I bet that I will pick this one up along with the ones that I mentioned above when the collection gets to Ulta.
My China Glaze obsession will not be ending for a very long time at this rate...

photo courtesy of Amazon

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