Thursday, September 29, 2011

MAC The Art of Powder

The Art of Powder is one of the two new collections that have been released this week from MAC, MAC is currently in the process of a huge series of releases and new products are coming out faster than I can keep up.  I feel like MAC has been this way for the past few months, there are either so many products releasing that I can barely keep my head above water when shopping at the counter or nothing new is released for weeks and I pass the counter by since all the displays are half-empty.  I wonder if the releases could be a bit more regulated...

The Art of Powder is one of those collections that makes products that are so pretty most people cna't bear to use them.  I have found that when I do manage to force myself to dip a brush into the lovely powder picture that I sometimes get very disappointed in the product itself.  I am a sucker for packaging and all the bells and whistles but I can't even bring myself to consistently purchase products just because the design is lovely.  This collection only consists of three products so I can't imagine why this collection was released against the huge Fall Colour Collection, when confronted with the huge Colour Collection displays, many people will completely miss this collection at the counters.

From the MAC website, "The line between Fine Art & Makeup Art is undeniably blurry...explore illusion with the Op Art Optical Bronzer.  A Street Art Eye Shadow personalizes the eye with madcap graffiti & for those who love light & shade, as In The Abstract Highlighter."  I am not all that excited for this collection, the designs on the powders are very attractive but will be ruined as soon I try them.

Let's check them out and see how MAC has paired makeup and art this time...

Street Art Eye Shadow - Street Artists challenge art by situating it in non-art contexts...what better location for that than the eye?  Amplify your aesthetic with a bronzed, gold pearl, and neon pink eye shadow.
- soft pink base with yellow gold lines and lavender and mid-tone pink dots

In The Abstract Highlighter - Inspired by Abstract Expressionists, a highlighting powder with a soft pink base, yellow gold lines, and midtone lavender and pink dots.
- graffiti design with light brown, white, light cool blue, warm orange, pastel pink, and pastel blue

Optical Bronzer - Explore the depth, dimension, & sheer illusion of Op Art with a bronzer that's sheer, chic, & ideal for enhancing skin tone.
- bronze with gold pearl and neon pink with gold pearl

The Street Art Eye Shadow is very pretty but I can safely skip over it, if I feel in love with the pigment and texture at the counter than I would purchase it but I would save it until next spring since it is more of a pink and gold shade mix.  There is nothing really wrong with this collection but I am just not overwhelmed with any of ther products and I just see myself either not using the products at all or ruining the design with one use.  I really feel that MAC would have done better with this collection as a full release in the spring time and used these products as the hero products and had single shades to complement them in the release.  In addition, this would be better as a spring release, not a fall release...

photo courtesy of MAC

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