Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Current Favorites!

I just realized the other day that I haven't done a Five Favorites post for several months now, at one point I was doing them monthly and then somehow I just stopped during them during the fall months.  I can pretty sum up my entire fall and early winter favorites with this post, I have been using all kinds of red shades for my nails and lips and have been using Kate Walsh Boyfriend ever since I first got the sample from Sephora and then ordered the rollerball of the fragrance.  I can say that I have chosen some really great products over the past few months since I have been many of the same shades and fragrances since October, normally I tend to rarely use the same fragrance or shade two days in a row so it is pretty unbelieveable that I continue to use the same shades day after day and am still in love with them!

My Five Favorites from the beginning of fall to the present!

MAC Lipstick in Ladybug - " Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous"  Ladybug is a sheer red, described by the company as "yellow tomato" and it is one of the Luster finish Lipsticks.  Lusters are on the sheer side and are more hydrating than any other formula, they are perfect for any time of the year and are among the easiest of MAC Lipstick's to wear.  This lipstick shade is a neutral red that is sheer enough to wear in any situation but will still get you noticed.  This is one of my favorite red lip shades and is one that I often recommend to ladies looking to buy their first red lip hue.

Kate Walsh Boyfriend - "She inhales his shirt, taking in the scent of the man she loves. It lingers on her clothes, her sheets, her hair—all over. Imprinted on her body and in her mind, it radiates within her, filling her with feelings of warmth and desire.  Actress Kate Walsh wanted to capture the scent of a guy on a girl: a man's cologne mixed with perfume, the smell that lingers on the skin. This fragrance evokes memories of that time after he has left for the day—when she gently awakes in a bed that's still warmly redolent of "boyfriend."  An alluring balance of vanilla, jasmine blossoms, and an accord of amber is set against the sensual scents of a man, including a light musk and a shimmer of fresh woods.  Notes: Dark Plum, Myrrh, Night Blooming Jasmine, Benzoin Tears, Skin Musk, Golden Amber, Vanilla Woods."  This unique fragrance has been one of my favorites over the past few weeks, I used my sample of this scent within a few days and then quickly ordered the Rollerball from Sephora.  This fragrance is a mixture of plum, jasmine, vanilla, and wood on me.  I initially didn't like this fragrance but am very glad that I gave it another chance, it is much more masculine than what I normally wear but doesn't smell like men's colonge.  It is very soft and sensual and the perfect date fragrance or to wear for cuddling in the winter months.  I will be using this all the time until spring comes.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Adventure Red-y - "China Glaze is a professional-level nail enamel made with a special balance of polymers and resins that combine to create a nail lacquer that is long lasting, chip-resistant and resistant to color and shine fading. Will not thicken in the bottle, no thinners necessary. "  Adventure Red-y is a "deep vivid red" with a cream finish, I love this red shade so much!  It came out in the On Safari collection for fall and now it is getting harder to find but I really recommend searching for it.  This is one of my favorite reds, it is deeper than many of the other that I own and I get compliments on it whenever I wear it.  It works very well in the fall months and then I wore it straight through the holidays and will still use it next summer for pedicures.  This is one of the best purchases that I have ever made from this polish company and On Safari is now up there with Anchors Away as my favorite collections from them.

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish in Betty - "A pout-perfecting, sheer coverage, shimmering lip gloss.  This bestselling, lip polish instantly creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips with luminous shine. Vitamins A and E help keep lips soft, smooth, and protected while the tingling sensation reminds you that it's working."  Betty is a "crimson red" and is one of the older shades in this product, I first got this lip gloss back in 2009 and I somehow forgot about it for a whole year and then I pulled it out and tried it for the first time around the holidays in 2010.  This is a lovely deep sheer red.  It is another shade that is sheer enough that anyone can pull it off and it will work in any situtation but will still get you noticed.  This formula has a bit of a plumping effect but nothing mind blowing, it will help to slightly fill out your lips and improve the texture but it will not give you the collagen lips.  This is one of the Sephora best-selling lip gloss formulas and I have never met anyone that doesn't like this product!

Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner in Bronze - "A collection of plush eyeliners and a double-ended eyeliner brush, to create intense and long-lasting high definition eyes.  These liners provide skinvigorating™ benefits and an intense yet smooth-cream texture, perfect for creating a precise, high definition line or a smoky, sultry shadow base. High-performance natural™ Amazonian clay deepens the intensity of pure color pigments while nourishing skin for a truer, bolder color that lasts. The botanical waterproofing agent in these liners is earth engineered from a blend of natural plant waxes to form an impermeable layer that protects against rain, sweat, tears, and creasing for longer wear.  Nature's most perfect ingredient, Amazonian clay, balances and neutralizes skin's surface. Whether oily or dry, it reduces surface oil and improves the overall texture of the skin, for smoother application and better wear. The black and brown shades are matte; the bronze, plum, indigo, and green shades are metallic."  Bronze is a "deep bronze sheen" and is the eyeliner that I have been turning to more and more ever since I bought it in October.  This liner shade works with both of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and therefore I use it at least three times a week, it is more subtle than the liner shades that Urban Decay selected for the palettes and therefore is much easier to wear in a professional environment.  This shade has a bit of shimmer but it is subtle and will work well with any type of makeup look.  I have been using this liner with shades from Naked and Naked 2 and then doing a sheer red lip at lot lately, both for work and getting dressed up at night.

I have been using this fragrances and products for the past few weeks and I know that I will continue to use them all through the rest of the winter.  Last year, I got sick of red right after the holidays were over but I am much more in loves with reds this year and I know that I will be using these products all the way until the beginning of March!

photo courtesy of China Glaze's Facebook page

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