Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vincent Longo The Curl Mascara

I used to use Vincent Longo products all the time when they were carried at Sephora but ever since then, I rarely order or find them anywhere.  I was digging through my stash of unopened products the other day and I found a never-used tube of mascara, I believe that I bought this right when Sephora was discontinuing the line and they had a huge sale on the products at the store.  I had remembered using and liking a mascara formula from them but since I wasn't sure which one it was, I just deicded to try something new and picked up a tube of The Curl Mascara.  I didn't need a new mascara at the time so I put it aside and forgot about it for quite a while, I was a bit nervous to use this product since I didn't remember quite when I actually bought it but the tube was sealed the whole time and nothing seemed off about the formula itself. 

When I was making my decision, I decided that I would patch test this prodduct first.  I rubbed some on my arm and let it wear all night.  I didn't have any problems and as I said above, the texture was fine and it smelled like every other Longo mascara that I had used so I decided to give this product a go.  This experience made me wonder how long cosmetics are really good for and how long they can sit on the shelf before they are sold to us...

The Curl Mascara is a slightly misleading name for a mascara, I have stated before and I will say it again right here.  Mascara cannot curl your lashes, it can only help to maintain the curl that you have already put on your lashes.  Therefore, if you want curled lashes, use an eye lash curler and then use a formula that will help the curl to stay in place.  This is a formula that you will like if you take the time to curl your lashes and really want them to stay in place all day.

This line of makeup is available on the Vincent Longo website and therefore that is where I will pull the product description from.  "Think deeply colored, lengthy lashes that never clump, curl naturally and reach toward the heavens. Inspired by those true full lashes that some women are born with, and we all wish we had, the Curl's leading edge formula amplifies lashes without looking false or cakey, bestowing every woman with "well-endowed" yet natural looking lashes.  Unique curved wand follows the lashline to evenly distribute the mascara while it reaches and separates every lash.  Volumizing fibers and natural waxes contour and define lashes, yet feel weightless.  Dries quickly and will not smudge.  Easily removed with make-up remover or soap and water."

The following type of application is recommended if you wish to really enhance the curl of your lashes.  "Apply mascara using a zigzag motion from the roots to the tips of the lashes. Apply product more generously to the outer corner of the lashline to extend and open the eye."  This is pretty much how I apply any formula of mascara, there is nothing super unique about this type of application and I doubt that it will really change your lashes...

This mascara only comes in a black shades which is fine with me since I only wear black mascaras.  This is regular black, nothing amazing.  The formula needed a makeup remover to get off but removed pretty cleanly and without giving me raccoon eyes.

This mascara is really made to enhance curl, it is not specifically for lengthening or volumizing.  This is another one of those mascaras that gives me nice lashes and a good result but I wouldn't rebuy because it doesn't provide the huge, thick lashes that I tend to buy mascaras for.  Two coats of this product didn't get close to the results that I get from one coat of Buxom Lash or Diorshow so I know that I would buy a formula closer to either of those.  This formula worked best for me when I used it with Buxom Sculpted Lash, I used the Buxom formula to build volume and length and then used this formula is enhance the curl that I put in my lashes.  This style of application made the formula more to my liking but I still would rather use two coats of a volumizing mascara that is formulated to hold a curl.  At this point, most mascaras are formulated to help hold a curl and a separate formula is not needed for that...

photo courtesy of Vincent Longo

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