Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MAC Making Pretty

The last two holiday collections from MAC have released on the website this morning!  I had heard about Taste Temptation several times before, this is the last single product holiday collection that is being released to counters and the stores before the spring makeup begins to come in.  It is a bit late for me to be buying more holiday makeup so I tend to avoid these collections unless I truly fall in love with some of the shades.  I already quickly looked at Taste Temptation and found one lipstick that I really like but nothing else that really changed my world.

Today we will start with the smaller of the two collections, Making Pretty.  I believe that Making Pretty is an online only collection as I heard nothing about it when I visited my counter the other week and the counter manager was able to show me the testers from Taste Temptation.  Making Pretty is one of the higher end MAC collections that has the special packaging and the limited edition product forms, one collection of this type comes out every single holiday season and I believe that this is the one for this year.  Something is telling me that last year, the high end collection was released much earlier than this and was out in time for all the online shopping that occurs on Cyber Monday.  It is was it is this year...

Making Pretty contains a very small range of lip and face products and I am most excited about the limited edition packaging of the lipsticks that are in this collection.  "The art of making pretty - shade by glamorous shade, finish by fabulous finish, brush by beautiful brush. A luxurious collection of Lipsticks, Sheer Mystery and Iridescent Powders, and professional grade Brushes to perfect the art. Dressed in richly textured, pale pink faux shagreen and detailed with a rose-gold signature bow."  I love rose gold and now I want to buy items just for the packaging...

Here are the shades in Making Pretty...

Making Pretty Lipstick - Vanity arrives in two shades - Runaway Red, a rich red-blue with a satin finish, and 3N, a milky pastel pink with a lustre finish. Each comes in the exclusive Making Pretty faux shagreen and signature bow case.
- 3N - milky pastel pink
- Runaway Red - rich red blue

Making Pretty Sheer Mystery Powder - High style powder with a silky soft texture in three shades: Dark Secret, Light Medium, and Medium Plus. From deep caramel to pale ivory, there's a shade for every skin tone. Comes in a chic, faux shagreen case with signature bow detail.  Product comes prefilled and with one additional refill pan.
- Light Medium - pale ivory
- Medium Plus - tan beige
- Dark Secret - deep caramel

Making Pretty Irisdescent Powder - Make it pretty with Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/Loose, a finely milled mixture of Mica and pigments, which gives skin a beautiful sheen. Comes in a chic, faux shagreen case with signature bow detail.
- Silver Dusk - sheer silver shimmer

Making Pretty Brush Set/Face and Eye - For chic application, includes 136 Face Powder Brush, used for sculpting, blending, highlighting, and the 282 All Over Eye Shader Brush for building and blending intense colour on eyelids. Comes in a chic, faux shagreen case with signature bow detail.

Is it REALLY bad that I want the red lipstick shade in this collection?!  Not that this is a shock to anyone, everyone knew that I would want this product when I first saw it.  Betweeen a shade of red lipstick from MAC that I do not own and this amazing packaging, this is a product that will change my life and is the ultimate reward for my surving this semester.  However it is already sold out and therefore I have an issue...

The Sheer Mystery Powder is the palest shade is the only other product that I am interested in from this collection, I don't really know much about this product and I am not in the market for a new powder but I cannot resist this packaging...

photo courtesy of MAC

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