Friday, December 28, 2012

Nails Inc The Crystallized Collection

We are moving on from the holidays and are beginning to head over to the spring collections that are beginning to slowly come out.  Of course, as soon as I am ready to get into spring, I spy a nail polish set on the Sephora website that would have been perfect for the holidays but either wasn't out or I managed to miss earlier this month.  I am going to put off spring collections for one day and reason with myself that we still have two and a half months of winter left and I can look at one more set that would be perfect for this time of the year.

I have been in love with Nails Inc ever since last summer and I have been all over many of the new shades and sets that they have brought out ever since.  I want to add many more shades from this line to my nail polish collection in the new year and I can't wait to see what comes out for spring.  I am already looking at some of the neutrals from this line to add to my collection, but first there are some jewel tones in The Crystallized Collection and I know that I would wear them for the rest of the winter and then again next fall!

What got my attention with these polishes?  The bling on the bottles of course - I don't know that I would have even noticed them without the rhinestones on the caps.  "A luxurious trio of limited-edition polishes adorned with beautiful crystal caps.  This festive nail lacquer wardbrobe features three rich colors perfect for holiday. Princess Gate Crystal is a rich toffee neutral, ideal for day or night, while Upper Brook Street is a beautiful metallic navy with a subtle sheen. Kensington High Street’s deep wine hue goes with any skintone or outfit."

The three shades that are in this set are:

- Kensington High Street - deep wine
- Prince's Gate - deep toffee
- Upper Brook Street - deep metallic navy

I don't know that I am in love with Prince's Gate, I want to see this shade in person.  This toffee hue could either be wonderful and a great neutral or just look awful on my skintone.  I love Kensington High Street and Upper Brook Street, something is telling me that these are permanent shades (I might be wrong but I really think so), so if I miss this set I can still ge these shades pretty easily.  I don't know that I must own this set just because I love the bottles, I would like to buy it but I could wait until next fall to buy the two shades that I want.  I will have to make a final decision when I see the toffee color at the store.

Now I am really done with the holiday bling and tomorrow we will look at the first collection of China Glaze spring!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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