Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MAC Pressed Pigments

Merry Christmas!  Yesterday we looked at the first of the four new MAC collections, the updates to the best selling Studio collection.  Today we are looking at the second of the more targeted collections, MAC has added a new product to the Pigment line of products.  Regular Pigments are sold loose and then can be used several ways.  They can be patted right onto the skin, this is how I typically used them as eye makeup.  Or they can be mixed with a number of liquid mediums in order to use them as eyeliner, hair glitter, lip gloss, etc.  The new version of the Pigments are sold pressed and therefore I imagine that they will be best used directly on the skin.  Let's see if I am right in my initial thoughts...

"Gorgeous eyes, from sheer and ethereal for day to intense and illuminating for evening. Shadows in complementary tones offer pigmented effects for a season of creative colour play. 12 stunning shades spotlight the eyes making them glow with brilliant accents. "  Unlike traditional Pigments, these appear to targeted only for use on the eyes.  I assume that they can be worn wet or dry, depending on the effect that the user is craving.  Both the description and the packaging remind me of Wet Diamond from Vincent Longo, a formula of eye shadow with more shimmer in than almost any other that I have tried.  I will have to buy one or two of these and see how the formulas compare.

Pressed Pigments!

Pressed Pigment - An intensely creamy highlighter offering extreme pearlescence and versatility of finish. Apply dry for a high shine, or on damp skin for a dramatic wet look. Provides eye-catching sheer-to-moderate buildable coverage and natural dimension finish.  Pressed Pigment is delicate. Please handle with care.
- Angelic - off white
- Light Touch - high pearl powder in W10 shade
- Flicker - pastel yellow
- Blonde Streak - light cream
- Day Gleam - high pearl powder in NC30 shade
- Enlightening - deep silver
- Blue Willow - light icy blue
- Sweet Acting - midtone pink
- Amethyst - purple with silver undertone
- Smoky - deep silver blue
- Deeply Dashing - high pearl powder in NW55 shade
- Jet Couture - charcoal black

215 Medium Shader Brush - A paddle-shaped brush with short, extremely dense, natural bristles. Pro-preferred for smoothly shaping/defining the eye with colour. Flawlessly applies both powder and cream eye shadows.

This formula sounds as though it will be much creamier than the Vincent Longo formula, however I am not sure that I am fully confident in stating that this is a cream formula since it can be applied wet or dry.  I have never heard of wetting a cream formula and that makes me think that this is a powder formula however the rest of the description doesn't really back that up.  I think that this will be a very unique product...so it could either so fantastic or simply awful.  MAC has done this in the past with eye makeup and the formulas have been wonderful or horrid and I will buy some of these to see where this formula fits into.

I love the Amethyst shade and this is on my Most Wanted List for the upcoming month, this shade is a lovely lavender and it contained lots of silver shimmer.  I will use this shade all spring and I just really hope that the formula doesn't let me down.  I think that I will also purchase the Angelic shade as this off white will make a great highlighter shade for many of the eye shadows that I already own.  If the formula is good then I will want the following shades: Light Touch, Blonde Streak, Enlightening, and Sweet Acting.  I am think about spring shades at this point and I will be leaving the deep charcoals for buying next fall.

I am very interested in the brish that is recommended with the formula, I have a brush from NARS (No 15 Smudge) that looks very similar to this and I have never used it to apply a cream eye shadow (if this is a cream eye shadow!) and want to try using it in this fashion. 

This new product sounds as though it could be great...or could be a total dud.  I am confident that it will be one or the other, this is what typically happens when MAC tries to release any new formuls of eye makeup.  It makes me a bit nervous that I can't immediately tell from the description if this is a cream or powder formula, I will need to buy the two shades of this product that I want and report back!

Onto the Strength collection for tomorrow!

photo courtesy of MAC

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