Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Matrix Color Care Miracle Treat 12 Lotion Spray

Ever since last summer, I have been using the Color Care line from Matrix, this is yet another great recommendation from my stylist and I have been rebuying these two products as soon as I run out of them.  The last time that I went to the salon and went to replace the products, we were able ti find a holiday gift set that contained both the shampoo and conditioner and then a small size in a product that I have not tried before.  That product is the Miracle Treat 12 Lotion Spray, a leave-on conditioner that my stylist loves for dry, colored-treated hair.  I have been using it every night that I wash my hair for the past week and so far I can state that this is another winner from the Matrix Color Care line.  Two products very quickly become three for me and now I wonder how long it will be before I start walking out of the salon with a huge bag full of products every single visit...

I still use the Matrix Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner every other time that I wash my hair and I have added this product to my nightly routine.  I alternate the shampoo and conditioner with Fekkai however I use this treatment every single time that I wash and condition.  My hair is even worse in the winter than it is in the summer and it gets so dry and full of static that I spent more time caring for it than any other time in the year.  I so cannot wait for spring to begin!

So this time of the year, I will pretty much try any type of moisturizing face or hair care products, as long as they are recommended to me by someone who knows what they are talking about, I am likely to buy/order any type of product that might help a bit.  I tend to be all over deep conditioners and leave-in treatments during the winter so I was more than excited to buy the gift set version of the Matrix Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner and then receive a small size of the leave-in treatment.  And it now looks like I will be buying a replacement of this product too...

The Color Care Miracle Treat 12 Lotion Spray is a spray-on, leave-in treatment that is made to hydrate and help to protect hair from the damage that occurs with heat styling.  I also tend to heat style more in the winter months since beachy waves are not quite my style during the snowy months.  This only makes the dryness problem worse so this is the type of product that I need to use as much as I can during the winter.

"Conditions like a lotion. Sprays like a mist. Sunflower Oil, rich in antioxidant, provides 12 instant benefits:
- Helps protect color-treated hair
- Detangles
- Helps seal the hair from damage
- Helps prevent breakage
- Maximizes natural body
- Smoothes the cuticle
- Deeply conditions
- Helps strengthen hair
- Delivers instant silkiness
- Increases manageability
- Tames frizz
- Helps restore shine"

The first result that I saw is that my hair is much softer to the touch when using this product, it functions very well as a hydrating leave-in and I will keep using it for this purpise over the next few month.  Along with being softer, my hair is more smooth than it was before, I still have to heat style it like I always would but it appears much smoother after using the flat iron on it.  This product is part of the Color Care so it helps to maintain color when used with the shampoo and conditioner, both of the products really helped to maintain my color, this will add to it but I don't expect this product to really change how my hair holds onto the color.  I can't hurt to use it but I don't expect to see any great change in my hair color.  As long as it helps hydrate my hair, I don't really need it to do much else.  I will continue to use the Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner so they will work well together to help protect my highlights.

After using this product every single night for five days, my hair started to get some of the product built up on it and I did need to give it a rest for two days.  With also using the Bamboo hair Oil from Alterna, my hair has a lot of product on it every day and I needed to stop using this product for a day just to get rid of the build up feeling that was on my hair.  Going forward, I will use it for three days and then take a day off from it and then go back to using it.

I recommend this product if your hair is dry and needs extra hydration during the winter months, especially if you heat style on a daily basis.  I wouldn't recommend it for fine hair as it does contain Sunflower Oil and caused a bit of build up.  If it builds up on my thick hair, I don't quite know how it would react on fine or thin hair.

photo courtesy of Matrix

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