Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jaqua Beauty Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Shower Cream

I had loved the Jaqua Beauty company in years past and I am very excited to see that the company has re-opened their website and I can order all of my favorite products again!  I have raved about the Buttercream Frosting fragrance many times before on here and you all know that I will never fall out of love with those products.  The last time that I ordered from Jaqua, I picked out my favorite Buttercream Frosting Body Butter and then also order a scent that I had used years ago but hadn't seen since, Cocoa Buttercream Frosting.  And it is every bit as good as I remembered, this takes all the best aspects of the Buttercream Frosting fragrance but then adds hint of yummy milk chocolate.  What could be better?!

I have been using this fragrance almost every night for the past week and I love it more and more every single time.  I bought the fragrance in two products, the Shower Cream and the matching Body Butter.  The Shower Cream is a great choice for dry winter skin, it produces a rich lather and helps to avoid my skin having that "stripped" feeling after I get out of the shower.  "Our Signature Cocoa Butter Shower Cream is a rich and creamy shower wash filled with good-for-your skin ingredients such as Marshmellow Root Extract, Macademia, Evening Primrose Oils, and Vitamins B5, A, and E.  Turn your shower into a yummy indulgence!"  The fragrance notes are: Cocoa, Creamy Buttery Vanilla Bean, Hint of Honey. 

If you have dry skin, this is a great formula for the fall and winter months.  Even if you don't have dry skin, you will appreciate how soft this product leaves your skin when you emerge from the shower.  I use about a nickel-sized drop of this product on a shower pouf and this amount produces more than enough foam to cover my entire body, I used too much the first time and felt like I was wasting the product.  Many creamier body washes don't foam very well unless I use at least a quarter-sized drop and I followed that assumption and therefore squeezed too much out of this product to begin with.  A nickel-sized drop is the perfect amount to use for this product (as long as you use a shower pouf, I don't know how much would be needed for a washcloth). 

I loved how this product left my shower smelling like chocolate cake batter, it drifted through my whole upstairs and creates a wonderful smell.  I am almost inspired to bake a real cake after I use this product.  This product doesn't leave quite as much fragrance on my skin though, I have to use with the matching Body Butter (a product that deserves its own post another day!), I wish that the fragrance lasted longer on my skin, this is one of my only two complaints with the product.

My other complaint is about the packaging, the squeeze tube could be a better quality.  Some of the product leaked out in my shower when I stored it as I normally store my tube shower gels and I was unhappy that I lost some of the yummy product inside.  I now store this tube upside down so that I can avoid this issue for the rest of the product life.  I miss the old packaging that was upright, I never had any problems when I used this line the first time.  I would love to see Jaqua improve the packaging quality of this product.

You will love this body wash if you like hydrating body washes and any type of body wash that smells better than cake batter.  I love this version of the traditional Buttercream Frosting fragrance but I still think that original is my all time favorite from Jaqua.  This company made my day when they reopened their website and I look forward to do even more shopping from them in the next few months.

photo courtesy of Jaqua

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