Monday, December 17, 2012

Sephora Collection Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

Sephora Collection originally had a bath and body collection several years ago and I had a bunch of products from this line, the Almond and Coconut was one of my favorite scents and I was so disappointed when this line was no longer made.  I haven't seen any body products from the Sephora house brand for several years now and I was just buying from Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop instead.  However it appears that Sephora has decided to re-launch their house body line and I first saw some of these products at the beginning of the fall/holiday season.  It doesn't appear that the scents are same but I am hoping that few changes have been made to the formula, I will have to buy a few fragrances in each product and find out. 

The Bubble Bath and Shower Gel was my favorite product from the original line with the Body Butter being a close second.  Also with these tow products, I believe that I see a Creamy Body Wash and a Body Scrub that were not part of the original line, I also believe that the original line had some type of lighter body lotion that I do not see in this collection.  I will be more than happy if the gel and butter formulas haven't changed and now I want to try the other two products.

"A moisturizing two-in-one cleanser that kisses skin with a delicate scent.  Refresh and de-stress with this multitasking bath and shower gel formulated with deliciously fragrant flowers, algae, and fruit extracts. Vitamin E softens and protects skin, while glycerin moisturizes and replenishes for a silky smooth finish. The sleek, modern bottle provides a burst of color that will brighten any room and your mood.  This formula is dermatologist-tested and safe for all skin types.  According to a satisfaction test conducted with 59 women: 95% liked its texture and 97% found its foam to be pleasant to the touch."

This product contains all of the typical ingredients that are found in most shower gels; SLS and Glycerin.  There will be nothing special that sets this formula apart but it performs well.  In the past, this formula always rinsed clean and never left my skin stripped (expect in the winter, which is to be expected from me), I grabbed one of the old bottles that I have of the original product and the ingredients are almost identical so I am betting that this formula works just like the other.

The fragrances that are available from the relaunched product...

- Coconut - warm creamy coconut
- Cotton Flower - clean cotton
- Lagoon - ocean air and tropical flowers
- Mango - juicy mango
- Monoi - coconut and tropical flowers
- Vanilla - sweet vanilla
- Lemon Verbena - herbal lemon

I am hoping that the Coconut fragrance is similar to the Almond Coconut, that was one of the best almond fragrances that I have ever used.  In any case, I know that I will purchase the Coconut fragrance in all the products since I love coconut scents and use them all year long.  Lagoon looks exactly like another fragrance that I had from this original line, I do not recall the name of the fragrance but they look very similar. 

In addition to repurchasing the Coconut and the Lagoon fragrances, I also want to buy the Mango, Cotton Flower, Monoi, and Lemon Verbena fragrances in the body products.  I am really excited and hoping that nothing has changed from the original line!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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