Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Philosophy Home for the Holidays Set

I have been looking back over the gift ideas and set thst I have looked at this blog and realized that I have mostly been focusing on color gifts and that I have compleely ignored one of my favorite bath and body lines so far this season.  What would a holiday be without something new from Philosophy?!  I have purchased many Philosophy gift sets for friends and have never had anyone been anything less than beyond excited about receiving their newest fragrances and then playing around with them so I know that I have some surefire winners from the products that have come out this season!

My favorite gift from Philosophy is the Home for the Holidays set, a combination of small shower products and matching lip glosses.  All of the scents that are contained in this gift are inspired by treats that are consumed during the holiday season and I know that they will make me crave sweets for the rest of the winter (if I purchase it for myself), I see that my new favorite from this company, Have a Cherry Christmas, is included with this set and this makes me want to order one for myself along with the ones that I will order for friends and family!

I found this set on the Sephora website and that is where the following description is found.  "A delicious, eight-piece collection of festively scented formulas for hair, skin, and lips.  Wrap yourself in holiday love and lustrous shine with this set of inspiring scents and pampering products. The three-in-one shower formula cleanses and conditions skin and hair, leaving it super soft and silky. The emollient lip gloss hydrates, soothes, and luxuriously softens lips, while leaving your pout adorned with a sheer, glossy finish."

This set contains the following products...

3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath - A multitasking cleanser for hair and body.
- Sparkling Cranberry - sparkling cranberry-spiked champagne
- Have a Cherry Christmas - pure sweet cherry dessert
- Peppermint Bark - peppermint and white chocolate
- Cinnamon Bun - cinnamon buns covered in frosting

Lip Shine - A high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine.  This lip-loving essential imparts a beautiful shine and a hint of color. Sunflower seed oil and vitamin E nourish and hydrate dry lips for smooth, soft results. The delectable flavor is perfect for calorie-free indulgence.
- Sparkling Cranberry - sheer deep berry
- Have a Cherry Christmas - sheer medium berry pink
- Peppermint Bark - sheer deep red
- Cinnamon Bun - sheer gold shimmer

This is one of the best holiday-themed giftsets that I have seen this year from Sephora.  Many of the color sets don't really scream "Holiday!" but the body products are much more holiday-themed.  all of these fragrances in the body products will make showering fun and will help everyone to have some fun this holiday season and forget about some of the stress.  Have a Cherry Christmas is one of the best sweet charry scents that I have ever smelled; as a cherry fan, this is one of the best scents that I could ask for and I want to buy this one in the huge size.  Sparkling Cranberry is crisp and reminds me of cosmos and going out, this is a great product to use when getting ready for New Year's Eve!    Peppermint Bark reminds me of their old Mint Chocolate scent from this company that I used to love and I need to get a full size bottle of this scent too!

The Lip Shines hold little appeal for me though I do have friends that really like them.  This lip glosses are very, very sheer and I would just rather use MAC Lipglass or a NARS gloss if I am craving color and shine.  This lip shines are best for the flavor and scent, they hold little appeal for someone who wants lots of pigment from their glosses.  They do make very cute gifts though...

Now we have a bit more variety with holiday beauty gift shopping, there are lots of color options out there but don't forget about everything else available on the Sephora website!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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