Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Essie Repstyle Nail Polish Collection

We are well past the holiday nail polish collections but not yet to the spring nail collections.  Right now is the time of the year that I tend to use reds and jewel toned shades every single day and dream of the pinks and neons that are coming in the next few months.  Essie has just released another winter collection, one that is not really holiday but that we can wear for the rest of the cold weather. 

Nail art and textures have been very popular for the past few months and after looking at the Spring Trend Report from Allure, nail art will not be going anywhere over the next few months.  I have decided that I will try some simple nail art looks using some of the half moon and French manicure ideas that I saw on the spring runways.  I will also consider trying the magnetic and sprinkle finish polishes, these don't bother me the way that traditional nail art does.  Essie has now given me a different type of textured nail art to try with the release of the brand new Repstyle collection for the end of the winter.  Repstyle reminds me more of the magnetic look, it is one shade and then a different type of print appears on the nail. 

"My Repstyle is magnetic enough to attract anyone." is the quote behind this collection from the founder of the Essie polish collection.  This description makes it appear that this polish collection works exactly like the magnetic polishes that we saw from Nails Inc and China Glaze earlier in the year.  Those polishes worked with a magnet that was sold separately from the polishes, I can't tell whether or not the magnet is in the lid of the polish or sold by itself, I am sure that I find the answer to that question when I visit the counter at Ulta.

This collection is a combination of neutral shades and deep jewel tones.  First we will look at the neutrals as I think that these will be the easiest of the shades to wear.  The neutrals will allow anyone to ease into the nail art trend and will be the best to wear in most circumstances.  Repstyle is a "hypnotic desert bronze" with a shimmer finish.  This is a neutral bronze hue and will be able to be worn by any skintone, I rarely find bronzes that I can easily carry off but I think that this one is the exception.  Lil Boa Peep is a "copperhead titanium", this shade is a deep cool bronze that will be a great neutral for the cold weather months.  I love this shade and I think that this will be favorite of the neutrals.  Snake Rattle and Roll is the last shade in the neutrals part of the collection, this shade is a "venomous oxidized silver".  This is the deep charcoal with a shimmer finish and I love this shade also.  I think that Lil Boa Peep and Snake Rattle and Roll are my favorites in the neutral part of the Repstyle collection.

Now onto the jewel tones in this collection!  Sssssexy is a "striking, scintillating sanguine" or a deep red hue with a shimmer finish.  I don't own a deep red hue that I can create a texture with and I think that this polish shade needs to make its way into my collection the very next time that I go to Ulta.  I will wear this shade all throughout the rest of the winter and then I know that I will pull it out next fall when I get right back into deep red hues.  The second of the jewel tone shades is a deep green shade.  Crocadilly is a "croc hunter green" or a deep forest green with subtle shimmer.  This shade would work really well with all of my Eagles gear and I would pair this hue and Snake Rattle and Roll as an accent manicure on game day.  I want this shade also now...  The last of the jewel tones is another shade that I am totally in love with.  Snake It Up is a deep charcoal blue and one of my favorite hues from the collection itself.  "Pewter Pave Python" is the color description and I think it looks more like a deep navy with a charcoal shimmer finish.  We all know how much I love navy hues and this one is no exception.

My favorite shade is the deep namy but I must say that I want every single shade in this collection and I really wish that Essie would have brought this collection out much earlier in the season.  I should not be buying any more polishes until the spring collections release and I would really only wear some of these shades for about two months but I would put them away from next year and hope that the nail trends of this year continue into the fall of 2013...

photo courtesy of Essie's Facebook page

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