Sunday, December 9, 2012

Philosophy Candy Cane Lane Set

I think we might have time for one last holiday gift idea...  I looked at a set from Philosophy the other day that contained several 3 in 1s and then the matching Lip Shines and I already have thought of a few people on my gift list that would love gifts from this company.  I actually have thought of so many people that would love to receive gifts from Philosophy that I have decided to look for at least one more gift offering from this comapny so that I am not giving some of my friends the exact same gift!

The first item that I stumbled on at Sephora the other day is still one of my favorite gifts and one that I know I will be gifting for the holidays.  I will have to avoid the temptation to keep one for myself but since I did stock up at Bath and Body Works this year and I bought enough Twisted Peppermint to tide to over to next year, I really shouldn't order yet another series of peppermint body products.  Even though I love Philosophy products oh so much...

The Candy Cane Lane gift set will go over very well with many of my friends, I am not the only Twisted Peppermint lover of the bunch and this company's Candy Cane fragrance is very similar.  My favorite aspect of this set is that it actually is a set, I didn't see any Twisted Peppermint gifts this year and I love to buy gift sets that are all decorated for the holidays.  Presentation is half of the joy of giving!

"A three-piece set of formulas for head-to-toe peppermint cheer.  Invigorate your senses with the crisp peppermint scent of this trio for hair, body, and lovely lips. The three-in-one gel cleanses and conditions hair and skin, while also providing a rich, foaming lather perfect for the bath. The salt scrub exfoliates and then hydrates, leaving your skin silky soft and minty. The highly emollient lip formula keeps your pout kissably soft, while adding beautiful shine and a sheer hint of color."

This set contains...

- 4 oz Candy Cane Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
- 6 oz Candy Cane Salt Body Scrub
- 0.5 oz Candy Cane High-Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine

The Hot Salt Scrub in this set both excites and terrifies me a bit... I already have a Hot Salt Scrub from this company however I had forgotten about it before reviwing this set.  Any type of peppermint item often has a cooling effect on the skin so I am really excited to known how the heating effect of the scrub will combine with the cooling effect of the peppermint.  I am also slightly concerned as to what kind of chemical reaction would be occuring on my skin and what type of reaction that I might have to the product itself.  This could be ugly...

I will be ordering this set for several of my friends, this really would make a great gift for almost anyone.  Every lady that I know loves to papmper themselves with Philosophy body products and the Candy Cane fragrance is just perfect for anytime of the year.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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