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Spring 2013 Trend Report

In my last post, we looked at the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 and now we are going to dive right into the Trend Report for spring.  Every December, Allure magazine gets us ready for the spring reason by publishing their Trend Report of the top trends that we spotted all over the runways.  I am already excited that I have been reading about bright pink lipstick being very popular and I want to work on perfecting a top knot before the spring months.  I just can't wait for the spring makeup collections and I have been doing this Trend Report earlier and earlier every single year but I just get so excited about all the new items that I am going to want to buy over the upcoming months.  So if you prefer to think about winter instead of spring collections, than just skip over this post and come back to it in two months...

So what are we going to be seeing this spring?  In a nutshell, we are going to be seeing bright eyes or bright lips.  All kinds of updos were on the runways and hair is bascially going to be worn up for the next few months.  Lastly, nail art and wearing a full range of shades for both night and day is going nowhere and I will be adding even more shades to my polish line up.  I think that some of the trends from the runways will be toned down a bit for real life, some of the hairstyles verge on the unwearable in daily life but I bet that we will see lots of these trends when the spring makeup collections are released.  I included one of the first pictures that I have found of the Chanel spring collection since that has been one of my favorite makeup companies throughout 2012.

The Spring Trend Report for 2013!

Evening Eyes - You know what's pretty?  Big, wide eyes.  You know what's prettier?  Bigger, wider eyes.  At Gucci, Pat McGrath used not one but two strips of false lashes on each ye to give modela a Bambi-like gaze.  Brown shadow and a healthy dose of mascara created the doe eyes at Cavalli and Lanvin.  Trick of the Trade - To get the look without gluing on fakes, curl lashes, apply mascara, comb through, reapply, and comb.  Then do it all one more time.

Day-Glo Lips - These lips are so hot, they're almost illegal.  (No, seriously - true neon pigments are actually banned in the U.S.).  To create the supersaturated, fluorescent red at Jason Wu, makeup artist Diane Kendal mixed red, pink, and magenta pigments, applied it, then topped it all with a sprinkling of orange powder.  "It's like cosmic couture." said makeup artist Lucia Pieroni of the Day-Glo melon lips at Missoni.  Trick of the Trade - These shades are already so bright, you don't need any more shine - so please skip the gloss.  "A glossy finish makes it look trashy.", said makeup artist Stephanie Marais.

Sculpted Updos - With patience, practice, and a small reservior of hair gel, stylists crafted intricate updos.  At Gucci, Luigi Murenu used shellacked extensions that looked like fans; at Altuzarra, Paul Hanlon modeled the hair into a precise loop; and Murenu's low, tight buns at Givenchy looked like blown glass.

Gym Hair - Now this is a look we can get behind: It's sexy, it's chic, and you really can't mess it up.  "The hair is meant to look disheveled." said Hanlon of the rumpled updos at Marni.  After prepping hair with a thickening spray, he made a deep side part, then gave all 26 models a slightly different variation of a ponytail-knot hybrid.  Trick of the Trade - Put down your brushes - but not your styling products.  You need a little hold to keep your knot from slipping out.

Outside the Lines - "Enough of the minimalism already!" was the message many makeup artists were sending this season as they exaggerated the natural shape of the models' brows, eyes, and lips.  Brows: Asked to create a look worthy of an Andy Warhol muse, Francois Nars used brown shadow to beef up brows until they looked like Edie Sedgwick's.  Eyes: Peter Phillips spread platinum cream around the eyes all the way to the brows, which were elongated to accommodate even more shadow.  Lips: McGarth tracted outside the natural lip lines with pencil, filled in the mouth with matte red lipstick, and then drew a white curve along the Cupid's bow.

Disruption - Floating eyeliner at Michael Kors, misplaced headbands at Balenciaga - things were a little off-kilter on some of the spring runways.  "It's just way more fun to be abstract and to do the unexpected." said makeup artist Dick Page.  Case in point: Those "bangs" at Prada were in fact the ends of the hair flipped up and over the forehead.

Blue Period - A memo apparently went around to just about every makeup artist: You can blend, smudge, or wing eye shadow, and liner can be on top or bottom - but it has to be blue.  At Stella McCartney, McGrath traced teal along the lower lashes, then left the rest of the face bare.  At Giorgio Armani, Linda Cantello layered shimmering sky blue over a wash of navy and slate.  Trick of the Trade -  Try a sheer aqua if you have pale skin, or a deeper cobalt for olive or darker skin.  Just be sure not to overdo it - pairing blue shadow with blue liner gets too costumey.

Digital Arts - It's time to admit that nail art might be more than just a passing trend.  In New York, we saw simple color blocking (Peter Som, Tracy Reese) and abstract design like the dripping paint at Prabal Gurung.  Trick of the Trade - French-manicure and moon-manicure stencil stickers are ideal for beginners looking to create crisp lines between colors.

Arts and Crafts - Eye shadow, lip gloss, rhinestones...bathing suits?  Makeup artists' shopping lists are getting weirder and weirder.  And as much as we love looking at these crazy-cool creations, no one is suggesting you try them at home.  Rhinestones: McGrath glued Swarovski crystals on top of brightly colored, shimmery shadows to create what she called "techno butterflies".  Neoprene: Philips cut up a bathing suit to create tiny strips of fabric eyeliner that he glued under the lashes.

I can already say that Arts and Crafts and Blue Period will not be looks that I plan to embrace this spring season!  Arts and Crafts is completely out, I might try a very sheer aqua eye shadow and see how the shade works for me but I know that I will not be diving into to either of these looks.  Disruption is another look that I don't think that I will be doing this spring, I am not very avant garde and I don't think that I would like any of the looks in this category. 

My favorite of the looks is the Day-Glo Lips, as we all thought that it would be.  I can't wait to use more of my bright pink and magenta lipsticks and I now know that I will be adding more of these hues to my collection, I can't wait to see what is in store for us this season with lipstick releases!  My other favorite look is Evening Eyes, I will be using lots of mascara and neutral eye makeup to create this look.  I am already so excited that I have both a lip and eye look that I love going into the season.  I am on the fence about Digital Arts, I have not been a huge fan of nail art but the creations for this spring are much similar and crisper than some of the designs that I have been seeing on Pinterest...I will NEVER do snowman nails!  I will try to remain open minded and buy one of the French or moon manicure stencils and see what I can create using only two shades of polish.  More to come...

I am so excited for the spring and I can't wait for the spring collections to start arriving!

photo courtesy of Chanel

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