Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aveda Fall 2012 Collection - Passion Flower


This is the first season that I am looking at the color collection from Aveda, now that I have found an Aveda concept salon to visit, I am much more excited about this brand and all the different products that they carry.  So far, I have had the shampoo and conditioner used on me at the salon however I haven't bought anything yet and I have decided to begin to slowly pick up a few items each time that I visit the salon.  My salon carries the skincare, haircare, and has several makeup tables so I have tons of products to chose from and try out.  I am excited  to try all of the products from this brand but I must say that I am the most excited for the makeup line and the upcoming fall collection that was just released.

The new fall collection is named Passion Flower, it only contains four new products and therefore is one of the smaller collections that has been released this season.  Aveda makeup products are more natural and contain many natural ingredients and pigments.  I am more interested in skin and hair care products that are natural and organic as makeup will sit on my skin and not be absorbed the way the products in the other two categories can be.  My stance on natural makeup is that it's a nice to have but not a "need" to have.  Lip products are the one item that I would be most likely to purchase more natural or organic line of products as this product is easiest to accidently ingest.  How many of use have gotten lipstick or gloss in our mouths and didn't realize it right away?

The collection description is as follows, "Luxurious petal tones grounded by sophisticated neutrals."  The collection offers petal tones in several lip products and one eye shadow shade.  The last group of fashion magazines that I read are all over the deep berry lip tone and I am now checking out some lipsticks in this hue to wear the rest of this season.  I will have to look for these exact shades the next time that I go to salon!

Here is the Passion Flower collection!

Nourish-mint Soothing Lip Color - Plumps, smoothes, and moisturizes.
- 907 Wild Fuchsia - bright fuchsia pink
- 908 Snap Dragon - warm saturated red
- 909 Rare Orchid - cool red violet

Nourish-mint Lip Liner - Reduces feathering of lip color.
- 380 Foxglove - matte nude pink
- 480 Tarragona - matte warm berry

Petal Essence Single Eye Color - Soft to the touch eye shadow.
- 926 Night Iris - satiny plum berry

Nourish-mint Hydrating Lip Glaze - Lip gloss infused with plant emollients.
- 910 Star Dahlia - red berry with shimmer
- 911 Gilded Lotus - shimmery camel neutral
- 912 Pearl Rose - soft rose with shimmer

I usually start with buying lip colors when I try out a new color product line so I will follow that same trend with Aveda.  My favorite pieces of this collection are the lipstick and the lip gloss, I love that both of these formulas contain spearmint oil (mint is a favorite ingredient of mine for lip products!) and that means that I know that I will love these formulas.  From the lipstick shade range, I want the 907 Wild Fuchsia shade (the one that I have pictured here) and I might try the 909 Rare Orchid shade to fulfill my need for a deep burgundy shade of lipstick.  For the lip glosses, I am going to start with a more natural shade so I will buy the  912 Pearl Rose.  I can wear this light rose against strong eye makeup or really with any look that I can dream up.  I also could wear that lip gloss hue all year round and I can see myself loving this shade (if I love the formula enough) and I bet that I will be buying a few more shades of this product.

I am so excited for my next salon visit so I can play around with the Aveda makeup tables!

photo courtesy of Aveda

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