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Clarins Fall 2012 Collection - Ombre Minerale

Clarins skincare is among a favorite of my serums and primers however I haven't tried as much of the makeup as I would like to.  I rarely visit my local counter at Macy*s since the counter is rather small and focuses more on the skincare and tanners than any of the color products.  They also tend not to always have the latest releases and carry only some of the core products, I wish that I had a bigger counter so that I had more exposure to this brand since every self-tanner or skincare product that I have used was fantastic and I have loved the results that I have gotten from it.

With the facts as stated, I doubt that I will be seeing a huge display of the products at my counter and I may have to order some of these products from the Clarins website.  I should be able to get some of the basics at the counter, I should be able to find the mascara and the eye liner but I may not be able to find the limited edition eye and face products.  I always need more mascara so being able to easily obtain the Instant Definition Mascara should still make me happy...

I found this entire collection on the Nordstrom website as well as the Clarins' website.  In addition the product descriptions and photos, the Nordstrom website has a full description of the collection that ties all the new products and shades together.  From the Nordstrom website, "Clarins is dedicating this season's makeup collection to naturally chic, intensely enhanced beautiful, feminine eyes.  Sparkling results with just a hint of mischief, lots of tenderness or a bit of fun.  You decide on the you wish to achieve!"  This collection consists of six new color products, including some great eye kohls and liner formulas that I really think that I will want to order from Nordstrom!

The Clarins website itself provides full details on all the products and shades so we look at everything in detail and then I can begin getting my shopping list together. 

Here is the Ombre Minerale Collection!

Instant Definition Mascara - A dual-purpose, ultra-volume, intense colour mascara with a rich formula that enhances the beauty of all types of lashes.
- 04 Intense Plum - deep rich plum

Rouge Prodige True Color and Shine Lipstick - An unrivalled formula that delivers long-lasting lip colour, shine, and hold that lasts for hours.  High Fidelity Pearl Technology ensures that colour and shine stay true for hours with this rich, creamy texture provides nourishing skin care benefits to lips.  A wide range of colours to choose from to create your own glamourous look.
- 134 Orchid Pink - deep berry pink cream
- 135 Dark Cherry - deep red cherry cream
- 132 Spiced Orange - medium warm orange cream
- 133 Fig - medium neutral cream

3-Dot Liner - Clarins' revolutionary "trident" tip eyeliner pen gives you precision control for a flaw-free effect.  Three prong applicator fills in the spaces between each lash, dot-by-dot, to accentuate eyes and add volume to lashes.  Rich, deep pigments deliver intense color results and lasting wear.
- Black - black

Colour Accents Powder and Blush - Four harmonious shades in one chic compact bring instant illumination to every skin tone and complexion.  Translucent powder blends easily to smooth skin and even-out imperfections.
- three shades of light bronze and a light pink shade

Kohl Eye Pencil - Discover a velvety-soft pencil with a creative edge.  You control the line - from precisely defined to smoky and smudgy.  New artistic license - that's the point of it all!
- Black - black

Ombre Minerale Mono Eye Shadow - Pure, lasting eye shadows shade, define, highlight, and line in fall's most fashionable colours.  Glide on wet for high-intensity colour; dry for subtle look.  Ultra-soft mineral formula blends easily.  Won't crease, fade, or settle into fine lines.  Available in matte, satin, and pearlized finishes.
- 01 Sparkle White - cool white shimmer
- 02 Nude - pale champagne shimmer
- 03 Petal - medium pink
- 04 Golden Rose - medium gold pink
- 05 Lingerie - medium beige
- 06 Tea Rose - deep warm rose
- 07 Auburn - medium brown
- 08 Taupe - medium gray taupe
- 09 Lavender Tea - medium cool lavender
- 10 Slate Blue - medium blue gray
- 11 Silver Green - medium olive green
- 12 Aubergine - medium red plum
- 13 Dark Chocolate - deep warm brown
- 14 Platinum - deep silver gray
- 15 Sparkle Black - deep black shimmer
- 16 Vibrant Violet - bright purple

I must say that I am most excited about the new eye shadow formula that is offered with this collection, I thought that I would be most into the eye liners but I am really excited about some of the eye shadow shades in this formula.  None of the shades are very unique but I still love so many of them.  I have to say that my favorite is the Vibrant Violet shade, this bright purple will look great with all the purple eye looks that I have been craving for this fall season.  My second favorite shade is the Golden Rose, I am still creating the rose gold eye looks this fall (just slightly heavier on the gold and gold eye liner this time around) and I would love to add this shade to my collection also.  Thos two are my most loved shades and the ones that I must buy.  After I pick up these two shades, I would like to also buy the following: Tea Rose, Lavender Tea, Silver Green, and Platinum.  I am so excited to play around with this formula and I hope that they will appear at my counter in Macy*s.

I am also excited for both of thew eyeliner formulas that are offered with this collection.  The 3 Dot tool looks exactly like what was just offered by Too Faced and is always sold out at my favorite Sephora store.  I might buy this one instead, depending on the availability of the product.  I don't see much of a difference between them, if anyone reading this has used both of them please let me know if I am missing something here.  To finish up thoughts on the eye makeup part of this collection, I want the mascara formula but in the traditional black shade, I wouldn't ever use the plum hue. 

The face powder is take-it-or-leave-it for me, if it looked amazing at the counter, then I would consider buying it but as of right now, I don't need this product.  The last item that I want to check out is the new shades in this lipstick formula, I love the first shade that came up with the product, the deep berry pink shade (Orchid Pink), this shade will look great on me all fall and winter.

This is one of the most wearable fall collections that we have seen so far this season, these products and shades will work in many different scenerios and I can see these products selling out very quickly.  This isn't the most unique or original collection but I still love it all the same.  I can't wait to get a few of these eye shadows and I will report back on them after I get to play around with the shades.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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