Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zoya Fall 2012 Collection - Diva

Diva is the last of the three fall collections from Zoya, this collection is the most similar to the second collection that we looked at.  Diva and Designer contain shades that work hand in hand, both collections contain only jewel toned shades, all of which are perfectly on trend for the fall months.  Personsally, I would wear many of the Designer shades in the fall months, as they are the cream finishes, and then wear the Diva shades more around the holidays.  The Diva shades are all shimmer finishes and they would be perfect for dressing up around the holiday season.  It stands to reason that if a Designer shade works well for me in the fall months, then I should purchase the Diva version of the shade to wear around the holidays.

Diva is technicially a fall release however it looks like an early holiday release to me, Diva contains a shimmery deep red polish and that shade automatically makes me think of the shades that I wear all the time around the holidays.  Deep reds with a shimmer finish also look great in the fall months, some of the best shades remind me of fall leaves and I always wear a shimmery red from Deborah Lippmann during the fall months and then switch over the best selling Ruby Pumps shade from China Glaze.  I am interested to see if the red in this collection is more fall leaves or holiday parties. 

Each fo the shades in the Diva line up contains shades that are either a shimmer or a metallic finish, I think that these shades will be more covetable than those in the Designer line.  Most of these shades are very unique and I rarely seen any that are even close to some of these.  The shimmery versions will be harder to pull off and they are not for faint of heart.  Personally, I would start out by wearing the shades from Designer on my nails and then the shades from Diva on my toe nails.  Once I got more comfortable with the more dramatic finish, I would start wearing the Designer shades on my nails.

Here is the Designer collection from Zoya!

Elisa - bright shining medium crimson red with subtle gold shimmer and a glowing metallic finish (cool)

Suri - medium blue-toned purple with delicate red and blue shimmer and a smooth metallic finish (cool)

Song - bold vibrant medium primary blue with silver and blue glittery metallic sparkle (cool)

Ray - dark blackened pine green with smooth delicate silver and green frost shimmer (cool)

FeiFei - medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue, and pink iridescent metallic sparkle (cool)

Daul - medium red-toned purple base with heavy purple and gold iridescent metallic sparkle (cool)

This is the only one of the three collections so far that I am considering buying the sampler set, I love all six of these shades and I actually want to order all six of them.  It only makes sense for me to order the set and to make sure that I can get my hands on every single shade.  Elisa is my favorite of the shades, this is one of the few red shimmers that I have seen that have a subtle gold shimmer mixed into the formula, most reds with shimmer have a ton of gold or silver shimmer in and this shade is much more subtle.  I really love this shade and would wear it all through the fall and winter months.  Song is my second favorite shade, I love metallic blues so of course I would want to order this shade, I feel that I can never have too many good navy shades!

The above two shades are my favorites but I still really want all the shades in this collection, this collection is a strong series of shades for both the fall and then well into the holiday season!

photo courtesy of Zoya

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