Saturday, September 8, 2012

MAC and Azealia Banks

MAC has releasing their fall collections very quickly over the past two weeks.  We had a long hiatus and then Styleseeker and MAC and Carine Roitfeld collections came out and now I see a whole list of new products and collection listed on the MAC website.  I know what company that I will be blogging about a lot over the next few days, this is the time that I tend to go on MAC overload and all of the products and shades tend to become hazy in my head.  I am not usre why MAC makes some of the marketing and release decisions that they do but I guess that I will just go with the flow and see how much shopping that I will want to do at the counter in the next few days. 

I see one full colour collection listed on the "new" area of the website and several small collections that each consist of a handfull of products.  Today we are going to start with one of the smallest collections and one that I believe in online only, MAC and Azealia Banks.  And we have yet another collaboration from MAC, I made the comment last spring about how I hoped that MAC wouldn't do too many collaborations as it will begin to get old very quickly.  It is now begining to get old, I like many of the collaborations (MAC and Carine Roitfeld, mais oui!) but this is getting to be overkill and I hope that MAC is looking for a new trend to start following before the collaboration trend gets really annoying...

Who is Azealia Banks?  I do not believe that I have ever heard of this musical artist or have heard any music from her.  I turned to her personal website for a bit of information and background.  Banks is a rapper from Harlem whose first single "212" was released in early December of 2011.  Early December is a time of the year where I am consumed with school and work so I easily things, I have never heard this song so I decided to watch the official video through YouTube.  In soft, she reminds of a combination of Rihanna's look and style and Nicki Minaj's rap style.  I will need to hear more from her before I can form a full opinion...

This lipstick reminded me of the Pink Friday release for Nicki Minaj, another time when MAC created a makeup selection with a rather unknown artist and then both the artist and the lip hue where sold out within a few days of the release.  At least MAC is consistently cutting edge and is bringing some unknown artists more into the mainstream.

"Coming from the 212, rap ingenue Azealia Banks collaborates with MAC on Yung Rapunxel -  a limited edition lipstick in a deep, rich shade of plum with an amplified finish."

Lipstick - Lips meet Azealia Banks' high style in a high-comfort shine Lipstick in a deep, rich plum with an amplified finish.  Limited edition.
- Yung Rapunxel - deep plum cream

Well this shade didn't sell out as fast as Pink Friday, this shade will be better on those with a deeper toned complexion or someonw who really loves deep dramatic lip hues.  This is not a shade for me so I will be skipping over it and waiting to see what else MAC brings out int he next week or so...

photo courtesy of MAC

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