Monday, September 3, 2012

MAC AW Fashion Week Trends - Roam-Antique

Roam-Antique is the second of the MAC AW Fashion Week Trends.  This look focuses around a strong colorful eye and minimal lip look, I have never been a huge fan of the bright colorful eye so this might not be a look that I will be trying soon.  I think that I would like the colorful more if I have brown or hazel eyes, but having blue eyes limits some of my eye makeup choices.  I still believe that my favorite look will be the first one, I love red lips and pale skin.

"Fall's four key beauty trends from Fashion Weeks around the world take a visionary approach to glamour - timelessly elegant and uncompromisingly modern."  We saw in the Allure Fall Beauty Trend Report that colorful eye makeup will continue to be a big trend all throughout the fall months and then into the holidays.  I have already bought the Too Faced Return of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette and this palette contains several shades of purples and I want to see how I could take this look and apply it to these shades.  I won't be using the shadow shades and Pigments that MAC used but I am hoping that I can take the instructions on how to create the look and apply it to purple shades.   This look contains blues and greens, a combination that I will not use but I can't wait to see how else I can use it.

'"The bohemian spirit of this season is about the fantasy of an elegant eccentric, a woman who is ornate but yet has exquisite taste." - Lyne Desnoyers, Director of Makeup Artistry."

The second of the four new looks...

Eye Shadow - Blended over the shape to add texture and dimension to the eye.
- Club - red-brown with green pearl (Satin)

Pigment - Blended over the shape to add texture and dimension to the eye.
- Kelly Green - Granny Smith apple green infused with small green particles (Pearl)

Eye Kohl - Sketched into the lashline to extend the eye.
- Blooz - intense blue with blue shimmer

Creme Liner - Delicately applied to deepen lashes and accentuate the lashline.
- Black - black

Haute and Naughty Lash - Applied to the upper lashes.
- Black - black

So what am I thinking with this look?  I am thinking of trying an eye shadow that is more of a pale silver with a subtle frost finish, I don't want something very shimmery.  I am thinking about starting with trying MAC Filament for this part of the look.  I will then use two shades of purple, a medium purple and a plum shadow to fully bring the look to life.  I would then use the Eye Kohl in Smolder, a favorite black hue of mine right into the lashline.  I will try a black cream-style liner on top of the Kohl to intensify the black hue.  I may not need to use both of the black liners, I fully believe that one or the other will work on their own and will change how how the look comes out.  The Kohl will be more subtle and smoky, the Creme Liner will be more dramatic and crisp.

I won't do this look with the shades that MAC used to create it but I plan to try it with purples and silvers and see how I can get it to work.

We are halfway through the Fall and Winter look, two are looked at but we have two more yet to see!

photo courtesy of MAC

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