Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 Collection - Easy Chic

The last fall collection that we are going to look at this year is the Easy Chic collection from Giorgio Armani.  Just like Trish McEvoy and many of the new products from Guerlain, I have to travel a decent amount just to try these products at a coutner and therefore I can't count this brand among one of my favorites.  I have heard so many great reviews of the Armani Beauty products, especially the foundations, and I want to start using more from this brand however I still don't really like ordering foundations from brands that I haven't been able to try the shades out in real life.  Hence my issue with this brand, I am trying to come up with some things to do in New York City so that I can combine shopping and museums...

Easy Chic contains three new products, one palette and the rest single products.  I found a description of this collection on the Nordstrom website however all of the product descriptions are from the Armanio website.  The overall description of the Easy Chic collection is as follows, "This fall, Giorgio Armani reinvents texture.  His unique version of color and shapes play a masculine aesthetic against elegant feminity.  Perfectly harmonized shades are revisted in a neoclassic way to add a sultry decadence to eyes."  The model for this collection has a dramatic smoky eye with minimal cheeks and lips and will work perfectly with many of the trends that we have been seeing all throughout the fall season.

Here is the Easy Chic collection from Armani!

Easy Chic Face and Eye Palette - Giorgio Armani premiers a satin shadow that delivers long-lasting fine color film for a comfortable, no-smudge effect.  Two-in-one palettes.  On the first tier -  A feather-light face powder with micronized particles of Micro-Fil technology illuminates the skin with the signature "Armani Glow".  On the second tier - Two matte eye shadows in intense hues and a "satinized" illuminator formulated with the new Color-Fil technology.  Neo classic harmonies.  The Neo-Black palette features an ultra-fine transparent face powder in Sheer Beige teamed with Soft Beige, Taupe, and Jet Black Eye Shadows.  The Neo-Brown palette features a Sheer Rose blush partnered with Greige, Brown, and Earth Brown.
- Neo Black 1 - Sheer Beige Face Powder/Beige, Taupe, Jet Black Eye Shadows
- Neo Brown 2 - Sheer Rose Blush/Greige/Brown/Earth Brown Eye Shadows

Easy Chic Eyes to Kill Waterproof Eye Pencil - Eyers are defined in Granite Black or Earthen Brown shades with a wax-based, glide-on technology.  Two dual performance eye definers combine the precise application of a pencil with the skin comfort and sixteen-hour long-wearing capabilities of a liquid liner for color that remains comfortably  soft all day.
- Granite Black - deep charcoal black
- Earthen Brown - deep brown

Easy Chic Rouge d'Armani - Three new luxurious Armani shades in Beige 111, Rouge 408, and Plum 526 from Rouge d'Armani complete the color contrast.  Exceptional long-wear formula results in up to 8 hours of intense color.  Experience comfort and shine, without color fading and feathering.  Soft texture leaves lips feeling continously hydrated.  A lipstick packaged in an elegant black lacquered case with an exclusive magnetic closure.  Sealed with a click. 
- Beige 111 - soft rose nude cream
- Rouge 408 - medium cool rose cream
- Plum 526 - deep cool red plum

This collection allows me to finish the fall collections on a high note!  I was so unhappy with the Trish McEvoy fall collection and I didn't want to finish up the fall collections being disappointed.  I love both of the eye palettes and I know that Iw ould get lots of use form either shade, Neo Black 1 is what I believe that model for the collection is wearing, along with the Grantie Black in the eye pencil, and the Beige 111 Rouge d'Armani.  I want to buy all of those products in order to help create this look.  A trip to New York will be in my future oh so soon!

Well the fall collections have come to an end and now we are beginning to look forward to the wonderful products and giftsets that will be releasing for the holidays.  I am already getting emails from Sephora about sneak-peeks of their holiday products and I am already getting a bit excited for some of the Tarte and Stila sets!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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