Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Collection

Nails Inc is one of my new favorite lines and I am painting my nails with their best-selling shade, Baker Street, as I type this.  Baker Street is now becoming one of my favorite nail shades and I know that I will be using it for the rest of the fall months and I head over to their display very soon after I first enter Sephora.  I have been trying to slow down the growth of my nail polish collection over the past few months, as I now have no more room in my storage container and am struggling to close it every single time that I am done painting my nails.  The Nail Bar at Sephora is making my life so very difficult...

As much as I am trying to lessen my nail polish shopping, as soon as I see a new set from Nails Inc on the Sephora website, I lose all sense of self-control and immediately click to see what shades are included with the set.  I love sets of small nail polish bottles as I often get sick of a shade before I even get halfway through a regular-sized bottle.  This new set of polish contains six small bottles in shades that will fit perfectly with all the trends that we have been seeing on the runways.  This new set is named Autumn Winter and so far I have only seen it on the Sephora website, I hope that it is one the stores very soon so I can see exactly what shades look like. 

The description of the set and six shades that are contained in it is found on the Sephora website.  "A collection of six mini lacquers that shimmer, glimmer, and shine.  Match your nails to the season with this set of six gorgeous shades.  The runway-inspired colors vary from rich and bold, to delicate and romantic, and include formulas featuring glitter, pearls, and heavenly gloss."

The shades included in this set are...

- Sloane Gardens - unique navy glitter
- Chester Street - delicate pearl
- Bruton Mews - deep forest green
- Richmond Terrace - rich glossy plum
- Jermyn Street - classic taupe
- Chelsea Bridge Road - tomato red

This set is limited edition however the Sephora website does not state whether or not each of the individual shades is limited edition.  Some of the names (Bruton Mews and Jermyn Street) are very familar to me from the counter.  I hope that these shades are actually all part of the permanent collection since there is a good chance that I would want many of them in the full sizes after I try out this set.  My favorite of the shades is Sloane Gardens, a navy glitter shade, and my second favorite shade is Bruton Mews, a deep forest green shade.  These are actually shades that I could see myself buying in the full sized bottles and actually getting a ton of use from.   First I will buy this set and then I will end up buying a few of the large bottles in these shades.

Another gem from Nails Inc!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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