Sunday, September 30, 2012

LUSH Halloween 2012 Bath and Body Products

I have finished up with all of my fall makeup collections however I am dragging my heels on starting holiday collections.  I am just not ready to deal with holiday products yet, however I feel that I might in the minority on this.  Last week, Wal-Mart already had Christmas carols going in one of their sections in the store and all the makeup companies are starting to release their holiday color and gift collections.  Personally I would just like to celebrate Halloween a bit longer before I begin my holiday shopping and I am still trying to enjoy the first few crisp days of fall.  Thank you LUSH for just releasing a few Halloween products!

Some of the LUSH products for the Halloween season are only available on the website however I cannot tell which are simply by looking at the products.  I have seen some of these products over the past few Halloweens and while I have not ordered them, I just enjoy looking at some products that are perfect for the fall and I can use right now. I see some soaps and bath products in here and I also believe that I see the famed Twilight Bath Bomb has now been turned into a series of body products.  I am all about shopping for fun holiday-themed products as much as I can so I want to see what I can find from these limited edition products!

Here is the Halloween line from LUSH!

Jacko - Ghoulish fizzer for warming soaks.  This fall, carve out some time in your busy schedule for a spicy soak with this spooky fizzer.  Our great pumpkin will chase away your chills with a spicy, warming blend of clove bud and cardamom oils.  And for a shocking surprise, we add spearmint oil to our latern for a refreshing twist on traditional fall spices.  This one's worth waiting up all night in the pumpkin patch for.

Pumpkin - The leaves are changing color, the air is becoming crisper...and it can only mean one thing: Pumpkin soap is back!  There's nothing quite like washing with its creamy, spicy suds, filled with warming cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and a touch of spearmint.  It smells so much like pumpkin pie that we can't keep it outside the bathroom for fear of taking a nibble.  Lather up with Pumpkin on chilly fall days too.

Witches' Ball - Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.  When the weather gets darker, it can be tough to keep your spirits up.  We've created a spell of herbal bubbles to help you feel like yourself again, full of reviving peppermint, rosemary, and sage oils.  Sage is often used by pagan practitiioners to cleanse and renew energy.  We suggest making a wish on your star before before crumbling this magical bar under running water for huge frothy, warming bubbles.  You never know what might come true...

Ghost - He's back from the dead and ready to put quite a scare in your morning routine.  This year our favorite Ghost returns, but don't be afraid, he's actually more floral than he is frightful.  We added orchid infusion, jasmine absolute, and ylang ylang oil to give this shower jelly the haunting scent of lilies.  When you're feeling dead in the morning, get in the shower with this uplifting ethereal spirit, if you dare.

Something Wicked This Way Comes - When the doorbell stops ringing and the candy bowl is empty, it's time to indulge in this sensual soak.  We suspect you'll get up to some wicked fun after this bath melt leaves your skin silky smooth with the seductive scent of jasmine.  Turn out the lights, lock the front door and get ready to share this gorgeous fragrance in (and out) of the bathtub.

Calacas - Spooky, fruity wobbler.  Sugar skulls are an iconic image used in the Day of the Dead celebrations.  You can see them everywhere in Mexico in November; all painted, flowery, and truly beautiful.  We've created our own little wiggly skulls of seaweed and aloe vera gel to leave you soft and gorgeous, and filled them with neroli and lime oils to put you in the mood to celebrate.  Felicidades!

Twilight - Lavender lathers.  To our Twilight Bath Bomb fans, we heard your requests.  Here it is, a Twilight shower gel, so you can lather up in iridescent purple lavender and tonka bubbles.  If you haven't smelled this fragrance before, you're in for a treat!  It's slightly sweet with the perfect herbal balance.  Wonderful to use in the evening before bed, especially on cold, winter nights.  Dreams do come true!

I really want the Twilight shower gel, I love the scent of lavender and I have such a hard time finding good blends of it.  Many lavender blends are very heavy on whatever the herb is mixed with and much of herb itself is no longer able to smelled in the blend.  I hope this one is really good and the lavender is really prominent.  This is my top choice from the Halloween products.  I also love the sound of the Something Wicked This Way Comes bath melt, I love the scent of jasmine and I want to try this version of the scent.  The last piece that I would like from this collection is Calacas, neroli and line sounds like a great mix.  I will skip out on all the other products, spicy scents make me sick sometimes and I bet that they would irriate my skin too.  I don't really want to find out the hard way so I will skip over them this time around.

I see a tab for Christmas stuff on the Lush website, I don't think I can put holiday off much longer...

photo courtesy of LUSH

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