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Philosophy Fall 2012 Body Products

The weather has cooled down and now I can officially use all of my fall perfumes and body products, I love returning to old favorites and discovering new scents this time of the year and it is one of my favorite aspects of early fall.  I already looked at the Fall Traditions body products from Bath and Body Works, I actually went back to the store a few weeks after writing this post and tried the Brown Sugar and Fig fragrance again.  I hated this on my body when it first came out but it smelled less intense this time and smelled more subtly musky than full on fig on my skin.  I was so excited that I picked up the shower gel and matching lotion to use this fall.  So I already bought a few new products for the fall but I still am interested in picking up some other products from Philosophy...

It seems that every single year, two of the best-selling Philosophy fall scents come out.  The Caramel Apple and I Love Candy Corn are staples for this brand and are the backbone of the fall products.  This year is no exception and both of those scents are back along with a brand new one.  The Caramel Apple has always been my favorite every single year (these are my favorite fall treats) and I am willing to bet that this year will be exactly the same!

We will start out with the single 3-in-1s, as these are among Philosophy's most popular products.  In Love Candy Corn is the star of the fall products for this company.  "An oh-so-sweet caramel candy corn shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath.  Back with a caramel twist, this oh-so-sweet caramel candy corn shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath is everything you love about candy corn with a rich, creamy layer of caramel.  It's moisturizing formula provides a rich, foaming lather to gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin and hair feeling soft."  I never bothered to smell this when I last saw it at Sephora as I thought that it was the same scent as every other year but I will have to smell it again now that caramel notes have been added.  The original scent was so sweet that I couldn't use it very much and I would never use up a 16 oz bottle of it, let's see if that is still true with the caramel scent addition.  The Caramel Apple is always my favorite.  "A delectable caramel apple shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath that cleanses and conditions skin and hair.  You won't be able to resist bathtime when you dip into the delectable scent of caramel-coated apples.  Its moisturizing formula provides a rich, fomaing lather to gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin and hair feeling soft.  The delicious blend of red delicious apple and creamy caramel scents makes this shower gel the perfect bath treat on a crisp fall day."

The newest scent in the 3-in-1 is Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa, the drink that was made popular by Starbucks several years ago.  "A three-in-one cleanser for hair and body with the delicious scents of melted caramel and chocolate.  Cover yourself head to toe in the sweet scent of delicious caramel with this luxurious cleanser.  The multitasking formula provides a rich, foaming lather to gently clean and condition, leaving skin and hair soft and healthy.  The perfect bath and shower treat, this oh-so-sweet concoction is gentle enough for everyday indulgence."  This one sounds wonderful...Rolos are a favorite candy of mine and I am willing to bet that I would love this product and I must smell it the next time that I go to Sephora!

Sephora all makes lip glosses to match the candy corn and hot cocoa scents!  I have never really used Philosophy Lip Shines before, they are mostly clear with a slight shimmer and are mostly for the flavor.  First the I Love Candy Corn gloss.  "A high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine.  It's everything you love about candy corn, combined with Philosophy's lip-loving gloss formula, for deliciously soft lips.  This product's naturally emollient ingredients and Vitamin E help hydrate, soothe, and soften lips.  It leaves a sheer, lustrous finish and sweet candy corn flavor that stays delicious on lips.  It's the perfect lip treat for fall."  The I Love Candy Corn shade is clear with a hint of shimmer, this is only worth buying if you love candy corn.  The Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa has a bit more tint to it.  "An emollient-rich gloss that coats lips with the sweet flavor of cocoa and caramel.  Soften, hydrate, and smooth with this sheer gloss that guarentees a sugary pout.  The perfect treat to moisture and beautify, this oh-so-sweet formula is gentle enough for all-day indulgence."  I like both of these shades but I don't love either of them.

There is also a lip gloss set that I see on the Sephora website, it contains two different shades of lip shines that are not seen separately anywhere else on this website.  The Trick or Treat Lip Shine Duo is my favorite of the lip gloss products.  "A set of two high-gloss, high-flavor lip shines.  There's nothing spooky about these delicious lip treats.  Philosophy's trick or treat calls to mind the scent of crispy marshmellow bars and the delectable scent of caramel-coated apples.  Both are made with emollient formulas that hydrate, soothe, and soften lips to leave a sheer, beautiful shine."  Marshmellow Bars is a clear gloss with gold shimmer and the Caramel Apple gloss has a sheer deep red tint, Caramel Apple is my favorite of all the Lip Shines. 

On the Philosophy website, there is an additional giftset available that I didn't see on the Sephora website.  And it has the Caramel Apple scent in it!  "No tricks, just treats.  Trick or Treat features Sweet Cinnamon Icing and Caramel Apple Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath.  Leave skin and hair feeling soft."  This Trick or Treat set is awesome looking and I will be looking to use it from the company's website.  I have never smelled Sweet Cinnamon Icing but it sounds like a scent that I would fall in love with.  Years ago, Bath and Body Works had a scent called Cinnamon Frosting in their original Tutti Dolci line and this was one of my favorite scents and I have never smelled anything like it since.  If this scent matched it, then I would be in heaven!!!

I am so excited for more fall products, I am beginning to think that I could use these products all the way through the winter.  I love the Caramel Apple scent and I want to collect it in as many forms as possible!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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