Monday, September 3, 2012

MAC AW Fashion Week Trends - Hone-Structure

We are now onto the third of the four MAC AW Fashion Week Trends, so far we have seen a great lip look and an eye look that I will love when I try it out with different shades.  The lip look is still my favorite since pale skin and red lips are a look that I now that I will begin wearing as soon as my fake tan begins to fade away.  I am done with using self-tanner for the fall now so I can begin wearing this look within the next week or two.  The third look appears to be more of an overall face look, it is named Hone-Structure and seems as though it will help create more of a sculpted look for the face and cheekbones.  I am not currently in the market for this type of makeup right now so I might have to put this look on the back burner for the moment...

"Fall's four key beauty trends from Fashion Weeks around the world take a visionary approach to glamour - timelessly elegant and uncompromisingly modern."

This look contains several eye makeup shades that are neutral and then more products for the face.  This look is very natural and is the most minimalist of all the four looks, I would use this look in a more professional environment and on the weekends.  This look is named Hone-Structure and contains products that will create a naturally beautiful facial look.

'"We've turned the light around this season - it's now less about highlights and more about the depth of contour, a shaded face that is slightly hollow and haunted but extremely beautiful and not alien." - Andrew Galimore, Key Artist AW Fashion Week.'

Here is look number 3, Hone-Structure...

Eye Shadow - Apply Shroom through the inner corner of the eyelids for a highlight and blend Bamboo through the outer corner of the eyelid for a bit of depth.
- Shroom - soft beige with shimmer (Satin)

Pro Longwear Eye Shadow - Applied through the crease of the eye and blended towards the inner corner of the brow for an inner intensity, finishing through the lower lashes to define.
- Keep Your Cool - dark gray brown

Eye Brows - Sculpts and defines brows.
- Lingering - soft taupe brown

Zoom Lash - Defines the lashes.
- Zoomblack - rich black

Lip Pencil - Softly defines and contours the lip, creating a custom nude.
- Oak - soft beige-brown

Sculpting Powder Pro Palette - Blend Sculpt under cheekbones to contour and Bone Beige over cheekbones and through temples.

Iridescent Powder/Loose - Swept over the high planes of the lids, cheeks, browbone, and nose to highlight.
- Silver Dusk - pinky beige with silver shimmer

I like the Eye Shadow shades used to create this look, all of the three shades in this look with work well with any of my neutral eye makeup shades.  I already have a have a good-sized collection of neutral shades from all different companies already and these shades would be a wonderful addition to my collection.  I have not yet tried Zoom Lash but this mascara is on my shopping list for one of the next times that I get to the MAC counter. 

The Sculpting Powder Pro Palette might be a bit above my normal makeup look, I never really create the runway sculpted looks so I doubt that I would need this product.  The Iridescent Powder/Loose is a different story, this would be good finishing powder for a more dressed up night look.  I am very excited about this powder and I want to head right to the counter for this powder.

Three looks down and one left!

photo courtesy of MAC

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