Monday, September 3, 2012

MAC AW Fashion Week Trends - Arti-Tech

We are now to the last trend that is in the MAC AW Fashion Week Trends collection, we have seen looks for all aspects of makeup trends so far.  The first look is still be far my favorite but I like aspects of and products from all the looks.  The last look is named Arti-Tech and is another eye makeup look, this time focused around eye liner looks.  Dramatic eye liner looks is a big trend for this fall, one that I am on the fence about sometimes, I love using eye liner but this is a product that can quickly go right into the over-the-top with the wrong type of application technique.  I love the cat eye look but I haven't been wearing some of the more dramatic versions of it that have been all over the runways.

"Fall's four key beauty trends from Fashion Weeks around the world take a visionary approach to glamour - timelessly elegant and uncompromisingly modern."

This might be my least favorite of the looks so far, I am not into the avant-garde eye liner look in my normal life, I might try this look once but I wouldn't really do this look that much.  Fluidline is used in this look but I wouldn't be using it to create the triangle on the corner of my eye that this look shows off.

'"This season isn't about liner being classic.  It's about etching, about it creating a geometry on the face." - Gordon Espinet, MAC Vice President of Makeup Artistry."

The Arti-Tech look!

Fluidline - Used to draw a triangle through the outer corner of the crease to create the illusion of a floating end-flick of liner, giving architectural structure to the eye.
- Blacktrack - solid flat black

Brow Set - Grooms and defines the brows.
- Clear - colour-free

Zoom Lash - Lightly defines the upper lash line.
- Lofty Brown - ultra-rich blackened coco-brown

Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder - Swept through the middle of the face to set and polish.

Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 - Blended into the skin to hydrate and provide a luminous finish.

Strobe Cream - Blended into the skin to hydrate and provide a luminous finish.

Strobe Cream is a product that I have heard lots about from the MAC makeup artists but I have never used it myself nor had it ever recommended to me when I was at the counters.  I have mostly heard that this is used for runway effects even though it is not a Pro-only product.  I don't really know what type of finish this would create, I might be interested in using it for special occasions if it provides a subtle finish but I won't use it if it creates a very shimmery finish.  I will have to ask my favorite MAC artist about this product before I make a decision...

Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder has been on my shopping list for a few months now however my current jar of Korres powder is still over half full (I use very little of the product on a daily basis) so I will be buying this as soon my current product runs out.  I know that I will get lots of use from this product...

This the last of the AW Fashion Week Trends, the first one with the red lips is still my favorite of the looks.  I can't wait to start wearing all my favorite red lipsticks again over the next few weeks!

photo courtesy of MAC

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