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MAC and Carine Roitfeld

The collaboration between MAC and the former editor in chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld has been one of the collections that I have been looking forward to since I first heard about it in the beginning of summer.  If you remember, Carine Roitfeld was the star of my last French Week, I was already looking forward to this fall collection when I began planning and shopping for that week in the beginning of summer.  This collection promises to hold all kinds of products and shades to help create Roitfeld's trademark smoky eye, I don't believe I have ever seen more than a handful of photos of her without dramatic and smudgy eye makeup.  Eye makeup has been on my shopping list for hte past few months and I am excited to see all the products in this collection!

In addition to the eye makeup that I am going to buy from this collection, I saw a neutral lipstick included that I really want to buy.  I have bought several different types of dramatic eye makeup shades already for this fall, however every single lip shade that I have bought over the past few months has been full of pigment and very colorful.  I currently only own one nude lipstick hue and could stand to find another one or two that works well with my skin tone.  The nude lip hue that was included with this collection was on my Most Wanted list for this month and I am hoping that it works for me when I play with it at the counter.

"Edgy and provocative, image-maker, editor, and stylist, Carine Roitfeld edits her signature look into a collection of chic colours and tools inspired by her aesthetic, featuring limited edition shades and two new seductive Eye and Cheek compacts."

Here is the collaboration between MAC and Carine Roitfeld!

Jungle Camoflage - A compact that showcases Carine Roitfeld's sophisticated and seductive smoky eye and rouged cheek.  Features: Dew, Camo, Bad Lieutenant, and Carbon Eye Shadows, and Cremeblend Blush in Bootcamp Bronze.  Limited edition.
- Bootcamp Bronze - soft sheer chestnut
- Dew - soft creamy beige (Veluxe Pearl)
- Camo - muted grayish taupe (Satin)
- Bad Lieutenant - blackened deep brown (Matte)
- Carbon - intense black (Matte)

Desert Camoflage - Get sultry smoky eyes with wisps of drama in Carine's Desert Camoflage compact.  Features: Sahara Dust, Cactus Thorn, Desert, and Carbon Eye Shadows complemented by the soft, sheer bronze of Sand Storm Cremeblend Blush.
- Sand Storm - soft sheer warm caramel
- Sahara Dust - light neutral beige (Satin)
- Cactus Thorn - midtone brown bronze (Frost)
- Desert - shimmering warm taupe (Satin)
- Carbon - intense black (Matte)

Kohl Power Eye Pencil - A kohl pencil that has all the intensity and colour powder of ultra-soft carbon.  Specially formulated to provide deep, fully opaque coverage, provides an intense smoked finish with duo-chrome pearl.  Versatile in application: blend or smudge.
- Feline - rich black

Eye Brows - Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining.  Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour, density in one streamlined tool.  Like a pen, creates its own just-right point.  Provides definition, shape, deepens/fills in colour.  Creates striking arches. Easy to tote around.  No sharpener needed.
- Brunette - gray brown

Fluidline - Ultra-smooth.  Fluidline's gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish.  Goes on "foolproof" with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action.  Long wearing.  Smudge-proof.  Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes.  Brush sold separately.
- Blacktrak - solid flat black

Brow Set - A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape.  Adds shine and style.  No flaking or stiffening.  Tinted or clear.  Also grooms lashes, sideburns, and facial hair.
- Clear - colour-free

Studio Fix BoldBlack Lash - Innovative, mousse-like formula gives superior definition, volume, and lift by filling in sparse lashes for a dramatic effect, now in carbon black.  This high-coverage, long-lasting formula is matched with a molded brush.  Get lashes that are blacker than black!
- Boldblack - black

Zoomfast Black Lash - Deeply dark drama.  Same as Zoom Lash, but with carbon black pigment.  Saturates lashes with the richest black ever.  Creamy, velvety formula builds density and conditions.  Feels supple, light, flexible.  Ultra-sculpted brush embrances and separates each lash, hugging every curve.
- Zoomblack - deep black

49 Lash - Designed exclusively for the MAC Carine Roitfeld collection, these medium-length, individual lashes add impact, providing a dramatic finishing touch to the collection's smoky eye looks.  Limited edition.

Carine Roitfeld Lipstick - Light and neutral with a polished, glazed finish, this exclusive Lipstick is custom-made to perfectly complement Carine Roitfeld's dramatically intense smoky eye looks.  Limited edition.
- Tropical Mist - nude

Mineralize Concealer - Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanticals, this creamy, easy-to-blend concealer covers and perfects while moisturizing the skin.  Comfortable and long-wearing.  Provides medium coverage with a natural luminous finish.  Available in a range of shades to suit all skintones.

Face and Body Foundation 50 ML - A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish.  Skin conditioning, water-resistant, and long-wearing.  Now availabe in two sizes, including the new 50 ml.  Available in a range of shades to suit all skintones.

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15.  Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours.  Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily.  Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections.  Absorbs and disperses oil.  Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients.  Oil-free.  Available in a range of shades to suit all skintones.

Carine Roitfeld Nail Lacquer - Against smoky eyes and nude lips, Carine Roitfeld's Nail Lacquers reveal her signature style.  Limited edition.
- Undercover - sheer clear nude
- Underfire Red - deep blood red

Good Luck Star - Carine Roitfeld's personal touch: a star stencil.  Each pack contains two sheets of 10 press-on, peel-off stencils featuring two stars.  Position on the skin and use Eye Shadow or Eye Pencil to create the star shapes.  Limited edition.

Tweezers/Slant - A slant-tipped tweezer designed with texturized tips for no-slip "grab-ability".  Effortless in action.  Angled tip allows for easy shaping and cleaning up of the brows.  Made from high-quality satin-finished metal.  Provides pro-class feel and performance.  Comes in its own zip-lock pouch.

Full Lash Curler -  Our Full Lash Curler is exclusively shaded in black for MAC Carine Roitfeld.  With its simple "squeeze and release" motion, shape your natural lashes into a soft upward curl.  Use before applying the collection's 49 Lash.

266 Small Angle Brush - For creating sharp, precise lines.  This brush has fibres which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle.  MAC professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials.  They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

275 Medium Angled Shading Brush - For applying and blending eye shadow.  This brush has soft, smooth fibers and full, angled design.  MAC professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials.  They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

191 Square Foundation Brush - A large, flat, square-shaped synthetic-fibre brush with a fine firm edge for distribution and blending of liquid emulsion or cream products on the face or body.

There is so much to this collection...I am most focused on buying the limited edition color products that have been introduced in this collaboration and then I will only buy the tools that are most needed to use the products correctly.  I want the lipstick the most, I will use it exactly as MAC suggests, against strong eye makeup.  I have tons of red lipsticks and now I need another shade that I can use against any shade of eye makeup.  The second item that I love in the collection is the dark red shade of Nail Lacquer, I hesitate on this product because of the range of Nail Lacquer's performance but i will be looking at multiple companies for this exact shade.  I am sure that I can find a very similar dark red pretty easilty if this shade proves to be one of the bad performers in the Nail Lacquer range.

I am on the fence with the palettes, I would never use the blush shade in either palette.  Tan blushes are not a shade that I could ever pull off so I already know that I won't use at least one major shade in the palette.  I would have to be completely in love with the rest of the shades in the palette before I could consider purchasing either of them.  Which is really a shame, because I was ready to purchase almost anything from the Carine Roitfeld Collection.  The fake lashes and the star stencils are well beyond what I would ever use, I will be skipping out on both of these items. 

I will be more likely to check out the eye liners included with this collection rather than buy the palettes, I will get lots of use from both of these liner formulas with products that I already own.

I am a bit disappointed that I only really liked two products from this collection, I was looking forward to collecting every single product with the special Carine Roitfeld packaging.  At least the lipstick comes in the special limited edition packaging...

photo courtesy of MAC

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