Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Amazing Cosmetics Mascara

I first used the Amazing Cosmetics Mascara several years ago and then when I went back to Bath and Body Works to buy it, the company had stopped carrying it and I pretty much forgot about the product.  However several months ago, I saw this product at the Amazing Cosmetics counter at my local Sephora and I decided to buy a tube of this mascara and I see if I still liked it as much as I remembered.  Everyone who reads this blog knows that I am obsessed with mascara and am always searching for new formulas and ways to make my eye lashes look full and huge.  This year hasn't been a great year for me with mascara, I have liked a few formulas that I tried but I didn't love anything until I tried YSL Faux Cils and fell instantly in love.  So far, nothing else has surpassed my love of that formula this year however I continue to try and collect all kinds of formulas each time that I go to Sephora.

I know that I tried this mascara out in the middle of 2006 in a flagship Bath and Body Works and then bought a tube to take home with me.  I was mascara shopping already at that time and I had heard great reviews of other products in the Amazing line and I was very impressed with how this mascara performed.  I remembered this formula as a volumizing formula however I didn't remember how it compared to some of the my favorites (Benefit They're Real!, Diorshow Iconic, Buxom Lash) so I decided to buy a tube of this while I still had some product left in my Faux Cils tube.  And I am glad that I did that, this mascara helps to plump lashes up but doesn't deliver the Faux Cils-type of huge, almost fake lashes. 

I know that this line is available at Sephora however I do not know of any other places that I can buy it so I will pull all my information from the Sephora website.  "A technologically advanced mascara that builds thick, sexy lashes without flaking or clumping.  AmazingCosmetics Mascara creates thick, voluminous lashes by utilizing specific curling polymers. You will be left with a lush, defined frame for the eyes—minus the flaking or clumping." 

This mascara is a nice formula however it is not the best for major volume.  With two coats, it creates a nice amount of volume, this would be more of a spring/summer day mascara for me.  In fall and winter, I really go all out with mascaras and crave an even larger lash look than usual.  This formula didn't irritate my eyes at all, even with eye makeup remover that I need to use to get it off.  The formula didn't smudge any more than most others that I have tried and removed better than many others, Faux Cils is one of the worst at removal and that is one of the few aspects that I hate about it.  The Amazing Mascara formula would be good for the more humid days of the summer since it doesn't smudge and will survive the humidity.  It defines the lashes well and rarely clumped after application.  I had a few clumping issues but they all occured with the application of the second coat, this is the coat that I try to build up the most volume on so I find that I apply the formula much more thickly on the second coast.

This formula is best for someone who likes slightly more dramatic lashes but doesn't want the huge, fake-looking lashes.  I would be more likely to use it during the day in the humid weather.  This is not the type of mascara that I would use when going out at night, I would reserve the most dramatic mascaras for this time of the night.  I don't know that I would rebuy this mascara since there are so many other options out there and it wasn't a formula that is really unique.  This formula reminds me more of a Clinique formula of mascara, more of a middle end than a high end mascara. 

I would recommend this mascara for someone who likes slightly more natural looking thick lashes, not someone who is looking for a false lash effect.  Other than that that face, this is a nice formula but there is nothing that really sets it apart from the rest of the formulas on the market today.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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