Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bliss Eau-lection Body Lotion

The election is all over the place and will be for the next few weeks, I have been following debates and as much coverage as I can review on a daily basis.  One of my classes for the MBA this semester is a Microeconomics class and we have been discussing any type of economic policy and the healthcare debate in ever single class since the end of August.  I am not going to turn this blog into a political forum... I would rather discuss beauty products and relax when I am shopping.

But sometimes I see a product tie-in that is so funny and so perfect that I just cannot skip over covering it in a post or two.  The limited edition Bliss political body lotions made me laugh out loud when I first them on the Nordstrom website and I knew that I had to write up a quick post on them.  No matter what your political views on the candidates in this election, you are sure to giggle when you see these two body lotions.  So far, I have only seen them on the Nordstrom website and I am keeping my eyes pealed for them on the Sephora website but I am willing to bet that they won't carry them if they don't already have them in stock...

The first of the two lotions is Obama Orange, a light fruity body lotion.  "Bliss 2012 'eau'-lection collection: May the best scent win!  O-bama Orange Body Lotion vs. Mint Romney Minty Body Lotion.  After the shower, slather on O-bama Orange Body Lotion from shoulders to shins for a vibrantly scented moisturizing experience."  I wouldn't mind owning this lotion more just for the amusement and laughs that it would provide me every time that I walked by it.

The second of the two lotions is for Romny of course.  Mint-Romney shuld be very similar to my beloved Twisted Peppermint lotion, I love that scent so much, mint scents are among my favorites all throughout the year!  "Bliss 2012 'eau'-lection collection: May the best scent win!  O-bama Orange Body Lotion vs. Minty Romney Minty Body Lotion.  Slather on from shoulder to shin for a mint-essential moisturizing experience."

These are just funny and would make great party favors if you invite people over to watch the debates or to watch the results begin announced.  I love that Bliss is not taking this election so seriously and still wants to have some fun with it!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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