Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tom Ford Violet Blonde

I am still working through my stash of perfume samples and today we are going to look at the one that is my current favorite.  I originally tried this fragrance several months ago at Sephora and later added it to my Most Wanted list, I haven't bought it yet since I have no room on my dresser for anything new (and I still have bottles of perfume that I have never opened).  I decided to put it off for several months when I saw it available as one of the samples that I could order from Sephora.  I originally thought that this was the best course of action, I have some room for samples and I could at least use it a few times.  The downside to this is now I have used it a few times, my sample is nearly finished and I am more in love with the fragrance every single time that I use and I must own a full bottle very soon.

I hadn't owned many violet fragrances before I tried a sample of this one, violets sometimes smell too much like powder for me and I need to have this note well mixed with others in order for it to work with my skin chemistry.  This fragrance mixes the violet with rose, jasmine, and vetiver in order for it to become a more complex and beautiful fragrance.  As I said earlier, I didn't know what to expect when I first tried out a violet-based fragrance but I love this fragrance and continue to use it several times a week.

I found this fragrance one the Sephora website and I believe that this is one of the major retailers for the Ton Ford fragrance line (at least one of the easier places to find this line if you don't live in New York City) and this is where I will end up buying the fragrance when I can find a place to put it.  Sephora states the following in an overall fragrance description.  "A stunning scent for a new era of feminine glamour, Tom Ford Violet Blonde is an opulent, dressed-up fragrance that reveals a stunning new facet of violet with a ravishing, intriguing elegance. Made with some of the most precious ingredients in the world, it is crafted accordingly to the finest traditions of European perfumery."

The notes of Violet Blonde are: Violet Leaf Absolute, Italian Mandarin, Baie Rose, Tuscan Orris Absolute, Tuscan Orris Butter, Jasmin Sambac, Sampaquita, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Vetiver Absolute, Musk, Soft Suede.

This fragrance starts out smelling very earthy, it reminds me of when some people insist that the violet note can almost smell like "dirt".  I wasn't a fan of the fragrance when I first tried and I still dislike what my skin smells like in the first few minutes of wearing this fragrance, it is very earthy and not what I normally prefer from a fragrance.  This fragrance then develops into a subtle, heady floral fragrance that lasts on my skin for the next five or six hours.  The drydown of this fragrance still has a strong floral mix but the vetiver and cedarwood notes mix in, making the lasting impression on my skin.

I love Tom Ford fragrances and now this is another one that I must add to my collection.  My sample made me happy for a few days but now I am more determined than ever to buy a huge bottle of this to wear for the rest of the fall and winter.  This fragrance is too strong to wear in the spring and summer so I will need to buy this fragrance soon or wait until next September for it.  This is unique fragrance and a true stunner from Tom Ford!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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