Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner

I have been talking on here about buying more eye makeup and less lip gloss for the past few months, so far it has been going decently well.  I have definitely been buying more eye makeup but also I am buying just as much lip gloss as before...maybe slightly less but not that much.  However the last time that I went into Sephora, I managed to walk out with face wash (why I went in in the first place), nail polish, blush, and two eyeliners.  I actually managed to walk by the NARS counter without buying anymore lip products even though the Larger Than Life lip gloss set from the Andy Warhol collection was calling my name...I was a lady on a mission!

I decided that I needed a new eyeliner more than I needed a new eye shadow palette this time around, I was checking out many of the eye shadow palettes that had just been released for the holidays and was very tempted by a new one from Too Faced but I was trying to be somewhat practical this time around.  I also wanted to buy liners in shades other than just black as I am accumulating quite a collection of black eyeliners, considering that I mostly wear brown and neutral eye makeup, having all those black liners is not exactly what I currently need.  I was considering one of the new eyeliner sets from Urban Decay but I also wanted to try something that I have never tried out before.  Decisions, decisions...I must have looked a bit odd wondering around Sephora and pondering all these things at once.

After I decided what type of liner that I wanted, I then decided that I wanted to try something different from either Tarte or Stila.  Since I was closer to the Tarte counter, I just decided to start there and I quickly found what I wanted and picked out the two shades that I wanted to buy.  Needless to say, I went to the register a very happy girl.  So what did I finally pick out after the whole decision making process?  I ended up buying two shades of the EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner, a cream eyeliner that is housed in a pot.  I really like all of the Amazonian Clay products that I have used so far from this company so I was more than happy to try yet another one!

From the Sephora website, "A collection of plush eyeliners and a double-ended eyeliner brush, to create intense and long-lasting high definition eyes.  These liners provide skinvigorating™ benefits and an intense yet smooth-cream texture, perfect for creating a precise, high definition line or a smoky, sultry shadow base. High-performance natural™ Amazonian clay deepens the intensity of pure color pigments while nourishing skin for a truer, bolder color that lasts. The botanical waterproofing agent in these liners is earth engineered from a blend of natural plant waxes to form an impermeable layer that protects against rain, sweat, tears, and creasing for longer wear.  Nature's most perfect ingredient, Amazonian clay, balances and neutralizes skin's surface. Whether oily or dry, it reduces surface oil and improves the overall texture of the skin, for smoother application and better wear. The black and brown shades are matte; the bronze, plum, indigo, and green shades are metallic."

This eyeliner formula really does last all day, I even rubbed my eyes by accident yesterday afternoon and the formula barely budged.  I have been using the larger side of the eye brush to create a thicker smudged line, paired with several shades of eye shadow.  This liner was very easy to apply with the brush that the company included (I love that a correct brush was included with the product and I don't have to guess what brush to use it with!), the last time that I bought a cream liner at Sephora, the sales associates had to guess what would work the best with it.  Using the thinner side of the brush gives me a look closer to that of a liquid liner, I prefer to use this type of formula for a thicker line and I would be more likely to use a liquid liner pen to create the more precise, thin line.  I haven't really used the formula as an eye shadow, I would use a cream eye shadow formula as this liner is a bit too hard to use well as a cream shadow.  This product is best used an eye liner only.

This product currently is available in five shades...

- Black - matte black
- Bronze - deep brown sheen
- Brown - matte chocolate brown
- Indigo - deep royal blue sheen
- Plum - eggplant purple sheen

I bought the Bronze and Brown shades from this product, the Brown shade is very pigmented and best for a more conservative and professional look.  The Bronze shade is a bit more casual and has a bit of shimmer in it, I would use this more on the weekends or to create a bronze smoky eye look at night.  Of the two shades, I found that the Brown is more pigmented and actually lasted longer than the Bronze shade.  The Brown shade was also harder to remove and needed an extra swipe of eye makeup remover at night, both shades need eye makeup remover to get off but the Brown needed a bit extra.  When I first bought the product, I thought that the Bronze would be my favorite hue since it has shimmer in it but the Brown is my favorite since it is more pigmented and longer lasting. 

I would buy this product in the Black and Plum hues, I really like this formula and wouldn't hesistate to recommend it or buy more shades from it.  I would love if Tarte comes out with more in this formula as it is one of the best cream eye liner formulas that I have ever tried, both in pigmentation and lasting power.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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