Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bath and Body Works Cashmere Glow

Well I guess that the excitement around the upcoming holiday shopping is finally beginning to catch up to me, I used my Vanilla Bean Noel shower gel the other night and this scent always gets me excited for the holidays and will continue to over the next few years.  So I guess I am going to start checking out some holiday collections over the next few days and start getting my shopping list together soon!

I think that I am going to start with body products since many holiday fragrances can be worn all through the fall and winter without seeming over the top.  The Holiday Traditions are not yet up on the Bath and Body Works website however the do have a new fragrance up, one that I saw a small display of at the store but the website is featuring it.  This new frgrance is called Cashmere Glow and is one that it took me a bit to warm up to.  I had tried this fragrance out several weeks ago and initially I didn't mind it but I didn't love it at the same time.  I wasn't planning on purchasing it that day and I left the store with some other items.  This fragrance is an addition to their Signature Collection line of products, it is part of the Cuddlers family and reminds me very much of Warm Vanilla Sugar and Twilight Woods.  I like and own the Twilight Woods fragrance but I stopped using Warm Vanilla Sugar during college (I might still have a bit of it somewhere but I have used it in forever).  These fragrances normally are not among my favorites as I do not gravitate towards vanillas and creamy musks.  I wasn't expecting much more from this fragrance after using the lotion on that first day and decided to wait for the release of Vanilla Bean Noel.

As I was wearing this fragrance for the rest of the day, it really began to remind of something else.  The vanilla and musk notes actually mixed together and the fragrance really developed better than I thought that it would especially considering that I was only wearing the lotion and nothing else in this fragrance.  The fragrance kept reminding me of something that I already owned, in addition to the vanilla and musk combination, I kept getting a sweet caramel note from the lotion.  After a bit of thought, I realized that this scent reminded me of Jessica Simpson's Fancy perfume that I received as a gift several years ago (and still think that I have never opened).  Anyone that likes that fragrance line will love the body products in Cashmere Glow!

The description of this fragrance was provided on the Bath and Body Works website.  "Experience life in the lap of luxury with our most luxurious fragrance ever!  Evocative of a cozy night in curled up by the fire and draped in the softest cashmere throw, our newest fragrance is an enticing blend of golden peach and shimmering vanilla wrapped in soft cashmere musk.  Spray it on and delight in the decadence, because every girl deserves cashmere!"

The top notes of the fragrance are: Golden Peach, Pink Guava, Exotic Berries, Gilded Apricot.  The heart notes are: Glowing Muguet Petals, Mimosa, Fluffy Peony, Fresh Jasmine.  The dry notes are: Shimmering Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Sandalwood, Cashmere Musk. 

I now see where I get the caramel note from, Dulce de Leche is in Jessica Simpson Fancy, that notes sticks on my skin all day and really makes the fragrance last from the morning until I shower at the end of the day.  This is fragrance that can give me a bit of a headache if I use it too much so I know that I will be skipping over the Cashmere Glow in the EDT version as I expect a very similar result.  Also to be realistic, I wouldn't need the EDT since I already own Fancy and barely wear it that much to begin with...

This fragrance comes in all the traditional Signature Collection body product forms and the two additional shimmer forms.  The fragrance can be worn in the EDT form and the Fine Fragrance Mist forms, both forms that I will be skipping over for the moment.  The available body product forms are: Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Triple Moisture Body Cream, Shimmer Mist, and the Shimmer and Shea lotion.  I plan to purchase the Shower Gel and the Triple Moisture Body, I bet that I will purchase a few bottles of each of those two forms of this fragrance.  I will be using this fragrance a lot during the rest of this fall and then throughout the winter, I am in love with the vanilla and dulce de leche blend in this scent. 

Originally I wasn't a fan of this fragrance but after really wearing the lotion throughout the day, I think that Bath and Body Works has a huge hit on their hands for the fall and holidays!  I know that I will be picking some of this fragrance up when I buy my annual purchase of Holiday Traditions.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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