Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cream Blush and Pressed Sparklicity Duo

I jumped on the Tarina Tarantino bandwagon slightly too late, I have been admiring many of these products for several months and have recently just started shopping this brand however Sephora just announced that they would no longer be carrying this brand in their stores or their websites.  The makeup line will still be available on the Tarina Tarantino website however I don't know of any other websites or stores that ever carried this line (other than Sephora) so now this brand will go the way of Vincent Longo and B. Kamins.  After Sephora stopped carrying these brands, they got much harder to find and most likely lost market share since now the products need to be hunted down instead of being able to play with them in the stores...  Which is really sad because the one product that I have bought and tried from this brand is great and now I just want to order more...

I have always drooled over the blushes from this company at the store, however I always just kept ordering Illamasqua blushes from the website since I was so in love with that formula.  I still love that formula but I am trying to branch out a bit and try some other brands.  Of course I would find a formula that I love right as the brand is being pulled from its biggest retailer, I will still try and find this brand online but it is just so much easier to find the products when browsing the store.  I bought and tried one of the products that was introduced for the spring season and I wanted this product as soon as I read about it.

The Dollskin Cream Blush and Pressed Sparklicity Duo is a combination of a cream blush shade and the best selling Sparklicity product (a product that is unique to this brand).  "A collection of blush duos with exquisite powder formulas that glisten.  Get a gorgeous, radiant look with these rich, velvety-soft blush combinations. The unique formulas blend effortlessly on cheeks and kiss skin with the subtle shimmer of micro-crystalline Sparklicity. The intense pigments are long-lasting, leaving skin beautifully moisturized and glowing all day." 

There are two shades available in this product:

- Mr. Pink - bright azalea pink/shimmering soft pink
- Coral Cameo - warm sunset/shimmering gold tan

I own Mr. Pink, I love the bright pink cream blush hue, worn alone or with a bit of the Sparklicity on top.  The smallest appliation of the blush turns my cheeks bright pink and makes me look like I just came in from the cold.  This formula is very pigmented and still very easy to use, it must be applied in moderation (otherwise it will be too bright) but the effect is lovely.  The blush by itself is best for the daytime, I would only add the shimmer for getting dressed up at night. 

I am so sad that I just discovered and bought this formula, I love this product and now want to try the powder version of this blush and see how it compares to the Illamasqua formulas that I love.  I hope that the discontinuing of this brand from Sephora does not spell the end of the brand itself, I will be very unhappy if I cannot order these products at all...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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