Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Holiday 2012 Body Products

Last year, Bath and Body Works released the Nighttime Tea Aromatherapy blend was one of my favorite products from the entire winter and it still remains a favorite product line of mine.  This year, I was just as excited about all of the holiday products that Bath and Body Works releases for the holidays and I can't wait to see what blends come out this year.  I have recently found out that certain Bath and Body Works stores will still carry the Nighttime Tea blend and now I can get more as I need it.  As of right now, I bought so much last holiday season that I don't need to buy any more at the moment but at least I know that I can use it and get more when I need to.

This year, Bath and Body Works has released two more Aromatherapy blends, Eucalyptus Tea and Honey Vanilla Dream.  I am not very excited for the honey blend but I am so into using the Eucalyptus Tea blend.  This reminds me of a more herbal version of the Nighttime Tea and I will be shopping from this blend of products this year.  I would love if this fragrance blend was permanent but I am willing to bet that it is only limited edition as it has special packagin that looks more festive than the traditional products.

We are going to start with the Eucalyptus Tea fragrance blend since this is the one that i am the most excited about.  "Eucalytpus essential oil relieves stress and tea calms the mind."  This fragrance blend is part of the Stress Relief line (of course!) and is available in the products that are specially made for this type of blend.  It comes in the traditional body wash and body lotion, and then the new formula Triple Moisture Body Cream and Sugar Scrub.  I like that it comes in all the body product forms, especially the Sugar Scrub and the Triple Moisture Body Cream.  However I am quite disappointed that this fragrance blend is not available in the Luxury Bath, one of my favorite bath products.  This isn't the end of the world, I have this product in Eucalytpus Spearmint and could easily use that with the Eucalyptus Tea blend.  I know that I will be buying this fragrance blend in all four of the available forms.

The second of the two blends is very similar to the old Warm Milk and Honey Aromatherapy fragrance blend that was introduced several holidays ago.  This old fragrance was also very simialr to last year's Cinnamon Vanilla and I already bought that blend last year so I don't know that I need anything from Honey Vanilla Dream this year.  "Sweet dreams start with a delicate blend of warm honey and soothing vanilla fragrance."  This fragrance blend comes in the more traditional Sleep products.  Of course, it comes in the body wash and body lotion.  It also comes in the Luxury Bath and a Pillow Mist, the traditional products that are more exclusive to the Sleep blends.  I doubt that I will buy anything from this blend as I already bought a bunch of stuff last year from the Cinnamon Vanilla.  I don't mind this scent but it is very similar to the others that I have listed.  It reminds me of honey and a bit of spice mixed into the blend.

Aromatherapy is one of the best series of products from Bath and Body Works and I get excited every single holiday when special fragrance blends come out.  Last year, both blends were a hit for me but this year, I will only be getting one of the new blends.  I love the Eucalyptus Tea blend and I can't wait to buy all the products that are in the line!

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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