Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stila 5th Avenue Smokey Eye Collection

I have been all about buying more eye makeup this fall and I have decided to continue this trend into the winter months since I still have more lip gloss than I think that I could ever use in a lifetime.  With all the bright red lips that I have been sporting recently with the fall season arriving, I have dug out my old Stila Kitten Eye Shadow and I have fallen back in love with the shade and the formulation over the past month or so.  With how much I have been using my pan of Kitten lately, I have decided to check out more shades from the Stila Eye Shadow line up and see what else I will love...

I own a few products from Stila but there seems to be little rhyme or reason to my purchases from this company, I have a few eye shadow shadows and then a tinted moisturizer that I use at least one or twice a week.  I have always liked every product that I have bought from this company so I don't quite know why I have often skipped over their counter in Sephora.  I guess that I can only say that I get very distracted by the NARS counter and then end up at the perfume wall and then head right over to the Nail Bar...  I wonder how much else I have missed in the store since the Nail Bar was first put in last May.

For the fall and winter months, Sephotra and Stila have partnered up to create a series of shades known as the 5th Avenue collections  I believe that I saw more than one version on the Sephora website but today we are going to look at the Smokey Eye Collection and will see what the other one is over the next few weeks.  Deep jewel toned eye shadows is where I notice a series of gaps in my eye makeup collection so this is a series of shadows worth my time to look at, I want to see how many of the gaps can be filled in from this one collection!

From the Sephora website, "A collection of Stila’s award-winning eye shadows in six smoky shades. Create the perfect smoky eye or bold stare with this collection of Stila’s award-winning eye shadows that can be applied wet or dry. Shadows can be worn alone or mixed and matched for a variety of eye-catching smoky looks for both day and night."  Personally, I find smoky eye looks best for nighttime, I can rarely pull them off during the day but I would be very interested to meet a lady who could pull this much drama off during a regular day!

There are six shades in this collection and they are as follows...
- Moonlight - pale champagne with shimmer finish
- Twilight - medium silver gray with shimmer finish
- Black Cat - deep charcoal black with silver shimmer finish
- Azure - deep midnight blue with silver shimmer finish
- Poise - deep red plum with subtle shimmer finish
- Dahlia - deep purple with shimmer finish

I know that I would use Azure very rarely, I would only use this with a dampened eyeliner brush for a very thin line of navy.  Other than that, I can really see myself getting a good amount of use from the other shades especially Moonlight, Twilight, and Black Cat.  I would get less use from Poise and Dahlia as I would not be able to really use those two shades together and would have to use on against the more neutral shades.  All in all, I think this is worth a second look and most likely a purchase.  It will fill gaps in my eye shadow collection with Poise and Dahlia but all the others will just complement what I already own.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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