Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Clinique Different Lipstick

I have been sorting through my massive makeup collection for the past few weeks and have been trying to decide what I plan to keep and use for the next few months and what I don't see myself using very much.  I have received so many Clinique gifts during their events and I still have a decent collection of products from these sets that I still have not yet finished up.  I have pretty much used up all the skincare and the mascaras so I have a bunch of lipsticks and eye shadow left over.  I have worn and reviewed many of their eye shadows before and I like the formula (even though it's not my favorite) but I much prefer Clinique's lip product formulas.  I have used many lipsticks and glosses from this company and have always liked the results.

Today we are going to look at a lipstick formula that I have never talked about before and really wouldn't have looked at had I not gotten two of the lipsticks for free over the past few months.  Different Lipstick is a formula that Clinique has had in their collection forever but I rarely see new shades from or see it featured in collections.  I feel like Different Lisptick has been in this company's line up since I first started using the products in high school.  This lipstick formula may not be one of the top sellers for this company however it has a good range of shades that will work for all kinds of ladies and I bet that is why it has remained in the line up for so long.

"Different because of its smooth, comfortable feel. Moderate coverage in a remarkable range of shades, from cream to pearl. Every one packed with rich emollients.", states the Clinique website when describing this lipstick formula.  This formula provides sheer coverage and moderate pigmentation, these shades are very easy for anyone to pull off.  This formula is very appropriate for the work environment or for a casual look on the weekends, anyone can find several shades of this product that will work for them.

Here are the available shades in this lipstick formula...

- Tenderheart - midtone blushing nude brown
- Raspberry Glace - midtone blue pink with soft shimmer
- A Different Grape - pinkish grape
- Think Bronze - soft golden pink/beige with gold pearl
- Guava Stain - midtone warm rusted rose
- Sweet Honey - classic rose
- Plum Brandy - creamy warm red/violet
- Surprise - pearlized golden brown with surprise hint of purple on skin
- Shy - midtone violet
- Angel Red - sheer blackened red
- Sugared Grapefruit - luminescent pink orange
- Double Fudge - dark chocolate
- Ripe Raisin - luminescent burnt orange
- Spiced Apple - warm cinnamon red
- Glazed Berry - punchy pink with soft luminescence
- Heartfelt - violety pink red with gold undertone
- Rose Aglow - creamy bluish plum
- Ice Bloom - pearlized velvety rose
- Rose Taffy - luminescent reddish pink
- Bronze Leaf - frosted brownish copper

I own the first two listed shades, Tenderheart and Raspberry Glace.  Tenderheart I actually remember seeing at the counters years ago and therefore I have to assume that it is one of the most popular shades in this formula.  Tenderheart is a very sheer nude pink brown, I can wear it with any type of makeup look or for any professional or casual event.  This is a great shade to wear when I just want a very little bit of polished color but don't want to wear much color on my lips.  Raspberry Glace is a sheer pink berry tint with a bit of shimmer, this one is bit too much pigment for casual wear but it is a great professional hue, this one is my favorite of the two.

This formula is very creamy and hydrating however lasts only a short time on my lips, this is the type of formula that feels great on the lips and is never drying however it comes off as soon as I eat or drink anything.  This is not an advanced formula and I do wish that it would be updated a bit since the wear is among one of the worst that I have tried.  I know that this type of lipstick cannot be expected to have the same wear as a matte lipstick but it still could say on longer and wear better with normal eating and drinking activities.  I am not asking Clinique for a super longwearing lipstick just enough wear that I don't have to reapply right after drinking a cup of coffee.

I like some of the shades from this formula but there isn't any ones that jump out at me as being must haves.  I would like to own Glazed Berry for the spring and summer, this sheer bright pink will look great against a tan.  Angel Red is a great sheer red that I will wear all the time this time of the year, I have really been into wearing sheer red lips to work and I wouldn't mind owning another shade to help create this look.  Lastly, I want the Guava Stain lipstick, this is another great pink neutral and another shade that I can wear all the time.

This is another good lip formula for Clinique however it still isn't one of my favorites.  I like the shades but I would love if this formula just lasted a bit longer with normal wear.

photo courtesy of Clinique

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