Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Butter London Holiday 2012 Collection

The Butter London fall polish collection was one of my favorites of the whole last season, I am still in love with many of the shades in it and it made my very excited for the holiday polish collection.  I am confident that this is not going to be a collection of only reds, silvers, and golds; I am really excited to see how Butter London treats the holidays!  I am excited for lots of shimmer and glitter and some interesting shades from this line...also I am very excited to see what names this company comes up with for the holiday shades.  Some of my favorite Christmas-themed books are the Agatha Raisin series from M.C. Beaton and I love the British traditions that are in place around the holidays so I am even more excited for this collection of shades from England!

This collection does not appear to be on the Butter London website so I have found the shades and the descriptions on the Nordstrom website.  I am surprised that I could not find them on the company's website but perhaps I was looking in the wrong place...not sure what is going on here.  Anyway, the Nordstrom website shows five new shades to dress up your nails this holiday season and I am hoping that I can find several new shades to add to my polish collection.

The Nordstrom website states the following as a description of the polish formula, "What is 3 Free? butter LONDON is a 3 Free company: no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP (dibutyl phthalate). This luxury nail lacquer is high-fashion, heavily pigmented and safe. butter LONDON believes in rock 'n' roll. Great Britain. And Fashion."  This company promotes their "3 Free" formula, this company does not include three of the worse chemicals in their formula.  Does this make the formula superior?  In theory, it should but I haven't seen a giant difference between this formula and many other companies.

Here are the shades in the holiday collection!

- Fairy Cake - a mixture of small silver shimmer and large holographic glitter
- Fiddlesticks - deep cool berry base with deep pink glitter
- Jack the Lad - deep forest green base with gold shimmer
- Scallywag - bright dense sky blue glitter
- Scuppered - metallic bronze with red and gold glitter

Fiddlesticks is the shade that I have pictured with this post, I love this deep magenta shade.  I will wear it on my nails throughout the fall and winter months but it will still work very well in the spring and summer months when used in pedicures.  This might be my favorite shade of the collection so far! 

I think that the only shade that I don't like in this collection is Scuppered, this bronze has a metallic finish already and the gold and red glitter just overpowers the base shade and makes the whole finish just look ugly.  I will be skipping over this shade without a question.  I still consider this collection to be top notch, liking four of the five shades is pretty good for any polish line.  Jack the Lad is my second favorite shade, I love this deep green and it will work well with both my holiday party outfits and all of my Eagles gear...a total keeper!  Scallywag and Fairy Cake are both nice shades but I don't really need them the way that I do the other two shades that I talked about in this collection.

This is the most unique holiday polish collection that I have looked at so might be tied for my favorite with the Skyfall collection from OPI.  I will have to head to Ulta and see what is left yet from this collection!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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