Monday, October 29, 2012

OPI Holiday 2012 Collection - Skyfall

I am so excited for the release of the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall.  I have always enjoyed James Bond movies and loved the style of Bond himself but ever since Daniel Craig has started playing the Bond character, I have been in love with the movies and I can't wait to see the newest version of the movies.  I hate seeing movies in the theater and I actually want to go out and see this film on the opening weekend...very few movies can get me to want to come out and deal with the rest of the population at the movies. 

I knew that many companies would try and do product tie-ins with the release of this movie and my favorite so far is the nail polish collection from OPI.  Skyfall is their holiday collection and the collection that celebrates the glamour and style of the ladies that are in the Bond movies.  A special manicure was created for this movie, one shade on the top of the nail and another shade on the bottom tip of the nail.  Adele has been spotted in a nail look that is very similar to this...she does the theme song for the movie so I bet she got a sneak peek and feel in love with the unique nail look.  My nails are too short to make the look really pop, so I will have to let my nails grow out a bit if I really want to go after this look.  I doubt that I will really go after though, by the time that I have grown my nails out to be long enough, I will be on to something else and done with the look...

I know that I want to buy polishes from this collection and I will be hitting up Ulta so very soon, I know that this collection will sell fast and I will have to move quickly to get exactly the shades that I must have.  Each of the shades in this collection is named after a specific Bond movie from history, my favorite movie was Casino Royale so I am hoping that I love that shade.

Here we go with the Skyfall collection!

This collection is divided into two categories: the Seductive Shades and the Dangerous Shades.  We are going to start with the seductive shades, I see lots of reds and many shades with glitter and shimmer finishes in this category.

- Goldeneye - very dense yellow gold glitter suspended in a clear base
- The Spy Who Loved Me - bright coral red with gold shimmer
- Die Another Day - orange red with subtle silver shimmer
- Casino Royale - deep berry plum cream
- You Only Live Twice - bright magenta with strong gold shimmer
- Skyfall - deep maroon cream

Onto the Dangerous Shades...

- Moonraker - silver with a frost finish
- Tommorrow Never Dies - deep periwinkle with silver shimmer
- The Living Daylights - clear base with teal, red, silver, and copper large glitter pieces
- On Her Majesty's Secret Service - smoky blue base with multi-hued shimmer
- Live and Let Die - deep black with a green cast and gold shimmer
- The World is Not Enough - silvery deep rose with rose shimmer

I see a bunch of shades that I want here.  I think the first shade that I must have is the Goldeneye shade, this is the perfect golden glitter hue and will fit right in with any holiday look that I can come up with.  Lately I have been buying a lot of red and black clothing and this gold polish will perfectly complement all the clothing that I have brought home.  This is also the shade that was used on the underside of the nail in the special look created for the movie, one of the deep red hues was used for the top of the nail.  Goldeneye will work well for me in an accent manicure, against all the shades of red polishes that I have bought in the past few weeks.

After I get Goldeneye, I still have a few other shades that I want to buy.  On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Tommorrow Never Dies are the two other hues that I want to add to my collection, I will wear these all winter and they will work very well with all the clothing that I have been buying lately.  Casino Royale is a bit of a disappointment, I was really hoping to love the shade but it isn't really doing anything for me.  I don't really love any of the reds either, they remind me very much of the reds in the China Glaze holiday collection and I wasn't interested in buying any of the those. 

I love some of these nail shades and now I am even more excited for when the movie opens!

photo courtesy of OPI

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